Auto-populate custom offer field from custom job field


Details that end up in a candidate's offer, such as the salary or hourly rate, stock options, etc. are often determined before the job itself is ever opened for recruiting. As a result, many organizations log the same details in a custom job field during job creation, and again in a custom offer field later when configuring an offer for a candidate.

In this article, we will discuss how to eliminate this redundant process by creating identical custom job and offer fields, and then auto-populating the custom offer field with information from the corresponding custom job field.

Begin with an existing custom job field, or create a new one by navigating to Configure Configure.png Custom Options Jobs Add Field. For step-by-step guidance on creating a new custom job field, please click here


Next, create a custom offer field by navigating to Configure Configure.pngCustom Options Offers Add Field. For step-by-step guidance on creating a new custom offer field, please click here.

Note: The details listed below must be an exact match between the custom job field and the custom offer field. A discrepancy in any of these details will prevent the custom offer field from auto-populating.
  • Field name
  • Field type (all field types are supported)
  • Options (for single select or multi select fields)

The field type cannot be edited once a field is created; if the field type does not match between the two fields, the field with the incorrect type must be deleted and re-created to use this feature. Please note deleting a custom field could impact historical data.


With the custom fields configured, navigate to an existing job (All Jobs > Job) to provide information for the new custom job field. Alternatively, you can create a new job and add information to the custom job field during the new job setup flow.


From the Job Dashboard, click the Job Setup tab. On the subsequent page, click Job Info in the left-hand panel. 


From the Job Info page, navigate to your newly created custom job field. Hover your mouse over the field and click the edit edit_2.png icon.


Input or select the appropriate information for the job. Click Save when finished.


Next, navigate to a candidate on the job for whom you wish to create an offer. From the candidate's profile, click Offer Details Create Offer


In the Create Offer dialog window, navigate to the newly created custom offer field to see the same information you selected in the corresponding custom job field auto-populated. Fill out the remaining custom offer fields as needed, and click Save when finished.


Note: The user creating the offer has the ability to edit the pre-populated selection in the custom offer field. It is not possible to lock the custom offer field to the selection made in the corresponding custom job field.