TestGorilla makes hiring the best people easy and unbiased, offering screening tests at an affordable price. Using TestGorilla, customers save valuable time, make hiring decisions objectively, and avoid expensive mis-hires. TestGorilla tests replace subjective, incomplete, and often inflated CVs with objective, reliable, and fair test results that measure aptitude, practical job skills, culture add, and motivation.

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with TestGorilla allows you to invite candidates to a TestGorilla assessment from within Greenhouse Recruiting, and then view the summarized assessment results within Greenhouse Recruiting. In this article:

Enable the Greenhouse Recruiting / TestGorilla integration

To begin, log into TestGorilla and click your name in the top-right corner to open the Account Settings menu. Click Integrations

Navigate to the Greenhouse integration and click Enable. Click Copy API key

Once you have copied your API key, click here to open a ticket with the Greenhouse Support team. 

Note: Do not send the API key in this initial email.

The Greenhouse Support team will respond with a SendSafely link for you to enter your API key. A notification will be sent to the Greenhouse Support team after you have entered your API key, and they will email you to confirm that your API key has been set up in your account and your integration is enabled.

Note: To verify your identity, the Greenhouse Support team might request you provide a Support Verification Code before adding the API key to your organization's account.

This is also a good time to invite any of your colleagues to TestGorilla to make sure they can access the full assessment results of a candidate. As an account owner or administrator, you can add your colleagues in the TestGorilla Team Management tab.

Create an assessment in TestGorilla

Once you receive confirmation from your Greenhouse Support representative, you can create a new assessment in TestGorilla. Follow the steps to create the assessment, and when you get to Invite Candidates, select Greenhouse.

Doing so will make your assessment available in Greenhouse Recruiting immediately.

Add the TestGorilla stage to job's interview plan

Once the Greenhouse Recruiting / TestGorilla integration is enabled for your Greenhouse Recruiting account, you can add TestGorilla as an interview stage.

To do this for an existing job, navigate to a job (All Jobs > Job Name) and click Job Setup from the job navigation bar. From the Job Setup page, navigate to Interview Plan on the left-hand panel.

On the subsequent page, click + Add a Stage.

From the Add Stage dialog box, select the TestGorilla stage. The TestGorilla team recommends using the TestGorilla assessment before any interviews or other stages. This allows your team to focus quickly on the most promising candidates. 

When finished, click Add to apply the stage to the job's interview plan.

Configure the TestGorilla stage

Once the stage has been added to the job's interview plan, click Edit.

Use the provided dropdown menu to choose the test you previously set up in TestGorilla. 

Note: Keep in mind, creation and configuration of the assessment itself must be completed in TestGorilla.

Select the appropriate assessment and assign at least one Greenhouse Recruiting user to review submitted TestGorilla assessments. When finished, click Save.

Send and review the test

When you have one or more candidates for the job, you can move them to the TestGorilla stage and click Send Test. This triggers the invitation email for the assessment from TestGorilla to the candidate.

Note: When you click to send a test from Greenhouse Recruiting, the interview instructions are actually sent by TestGorilla.

Use the subsequent dialog box to:

  • Confirm the email address of the candidate
  • Select which video interview the candidate will participate in
  • Assign a grader

Click Send Test when finished. 

Once the email is sent, the status of the TestGorilla assessment is viewable in Greenhouse Recruiting. The following statuses are available:

Use the subsequent dialog box to:

  • Take Home Test to be sent
  • Waiting for candidate to submit test
  • Scorecard due from [designated grader]

Once the candidate has taken the assessment, their average score across the tests included in the assessment will appear. In the example below, that score is 92.

Note: The synchronization happens every 30 minutes.

To drill deeper into the results, click TestGorilla on the left to see the full results.

This report shows the most essential candidate results. For more details (such as any custom question answers and the webcam screenshots), click View Report to access the candidate detail page in TestGorilla.