A candidate refers to an individual who is applying for a specific job opening. In this article, we'll explore the different ways you can manage your candidates.

Adding candidates

A candidate can be added to Greenhouse Recruiting when they apply for a job post, or when they are manually added to the system. Once their candidate record is inside Greenhouse Recruiting, they can be moved through the hiring process.

Application review and moving candidates through the pipeline

Application review allows you to quickly review candidate applications. In some cases, you may choose to advance, skip, or reject candidates who have applied for the job.

Check out the video below for more information.

Review interview feedback

After an interview is complete, the member of the hiring team will complete a scorecard with their assessment of the candidate. After the scorecard is submitted, you'll see the scorecard summary in the attached stage on the candidate's profile.

Screenshot of a scorecard

You can select a specific scorecard to view the full details submitted by the member of the hiring team.

Screenshot of scorecard detail

Click here for more information on using scorecards in your hiring process.

Manage scorecard reminders

During the interview process, Greenhouse Recruiting will remind you about outstanding scorecards to ensure a streamlined hiring process.

Send take home tests

Take home tests are a great way to assess a candidate's skills during the interview process. If they're configured in your interview plan, take home tests can be sent from inside Greenhouse Recruiting. Once finished, the test will be returned and assessed inside the system to keep all your documentation in one place.

Screenshot of a take home test

Click here to learn more information on take home tests.

Schedule candidates

When you move a candidate into the interview stage, you will see a couple new options on their candidate profile to help schedule the interview. Check out the video below for more information on scheduling a candidate in Greenhouse.

Click here for more information on scheduling candidates.

Communicate with the hiring team

At any time during the hiring process, you can send an email to the hiring team on the candidate's profile.

Screenshot of Email the team

Additionally, you can tag members of the hiring team by writing @[the user's name] in private notes or text fields. When you tag a user, they'll receive an email notifying them that they've been tagged in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Screenshot of tag hiring team

Filter candidate lists

The All Candidates page can filtered to limit the amount of candidates that you're currently seeing to make it easier to digest the information on the page. You can modify these filters by selecting the checkboxes and entering text on the left side of the page.

Screenshot of candidate filters

Click here for more an in-depth walkthrough of using filters.

Working with candidates in bulk

When you're dealing with many candidates, it's inefficient to repeat the same action on multiple records. Greenhouse Recruiting includes a few different features to make managing candidates easier.