Create choreographed introduction templates

Permissions: Owners and Coordinators

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Choreographed introductions help your onboarding team notify employees about the latest group of new hires who've joined your organization, giving employees a chance to learn more about their new teammates.

Greenhouse Onboarding provides four default choreographed introduction templates to get you started. You can also build custom introduction templates that suit your onboarding team's specific needs. This article covers how to create new choreographed introduction templates.

Add a new choreographed introduction template

From your Greenhouse Onboarding homepage, navigate to Settings > Onboarding Plan Emails.

Greenhouse Onboarding Settings page with navigation to Onboarding Plan and Emails tabs highlighted

Scroll to Choreographed introductions and click Create template.

Choreographed introductions section on Emails settings page with Create template button highlighted

Configure your template's settings

On the Draft choreographed introductions template page, scroll to Template setup.

Fill out the following details to define which new hires should be highlighted in this choreographed introduction and when the introduction should be sent:

Field name Description
Template name Provide a clear name that indicates when this template should be used.
Template description (optional) Add any additional details to give your team context for this template.
New hire cohort criteria Define which new hires should trigger this template and be featured in the choreographed introduction email, based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • Department
  • Location
  • Employment status
  • Other criteria
Email template schedule Schedule when this choreographed introduction should be sent to employees in your organization. Emails are sent based on the schedule you define when one or more new hires joining your organization meet the above criteria.

New hires starting in the same week will be grouped into a cohort and featured in one choreographed introduction email. Weeks are defined as Monday to Sunday.

Template setup configured for new choreographed introduction template

Build your template's email content

Next, scroll to Email content to build the content included in your template's choreographed introduction email. Complete the following fields to customize and personalize this template's message:

Field name Description

Define which employees in your organization should receive choreographed introductions triggered by this template. You can select any of the following recipient options:

  • Specific Greenhouse Onboarding users (by name)
  • Greenhouse Onboarding role (Manager, New Hire, Mentor, Onboarding Coordinator)
  • Specific email addresses, including aliases (for example, an entire department's email alias)
Recipients will receive information about all new hires featured in this choreographed introduction. Selecting a Greenhouse Onboarding role, such as Manager, does not result in recipients seeing only details related to their assigned new hires.
Subject line Provide a subject line for your choreographed introduction email.
Email body Create your choreographed introduction's email message. This message will be displayed above the list of new hires joining your organization.

Apply inline formatting to style your message, or add links to any additional resources that will help employees get to know their new teammates.
New hire details

Select which information will be displayed for all new hires featured in this choreographed introduction.

Click Show to include a new hire field in this email. Click Hide to prevent a new hire field from being displayed.

The following details are displayed for every new hire and can't be hidden:

  • Preferred name
  • Title
  • Department

Email content filled in for new choreographed introduction template

Save your template

Once you've configured your template's settings and email content, click Preview to review how your choreographed introduction will look when it's sent to employees.

Preview of choreographed introduction template email

Note: Choreographed introduction previews will display placeholder text instead of actual new hire data.

When you're ready, click Save and exit to save your new template.

Publish your new choreographed introduction

After you've saved your choreographed introduction template, you'll be taken back to the Emails page.

Click the toggle next to your new template to publish it. Greenhouse Onboarding will begin sending choreographed introductions with this template when matching new hires join your organization.

You can deactivate this choreographed introduction at any time. Click the toggle again to unpublish and stop sending notifications with this template.

New choreographed introduction template toggled to Published with toggle highlighted

Tip: Choreographed introduction emails are tied to a new hire's start date, not their onboarding plan. To prevent a specific new hire from appearing within the email, do not assign the new hire a start date.

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