Add new 'Choreographed introductions' email

Permissions: Coordinator, Owner

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Choreographed introductions is a flexible email tool that allows your team to send customized notifications about a new hire class to relevant employees at your organization.

To create a new Choreographed introductions email template, click Settings on your navigation bar and click Emails on the left.

Scroll to Choreographed introductions and click Create template.

From the Draft choreographed introductions template page, navigate to the Template setup panel to define details about the template itself, such as what type of new hire cohort should trigger this template, and when emails created by this template should be sent (based on the start dates for the new hire cohort).

Template name Provide a clear name that indicates when this template should be used.
Template description (optional) Provide additional context about the purpose of this template. This will appear on the Emails configuration page.
New hire cohort criteria (optional) Define which new hires should trigger this template and be included in the email, based on one or more of the following:
  • Department
  • Location
  • Employment Status
  • Other Criteria
Email template schedule (optional) Schedule when the Choreographed introductions email should be sent, based on the start week of the new hire cohort included in the email.

Note: All new hires starting in the same week will be included in the email. Weeks are Monday – Sunday.

Navigate to the Email content panel to add the content of the email to be sent.

To Select who should receive emails created from this template. You can select or enter any combination of the following:
  • Greenhouse Onboarding user
  • Greenhouse Onboarding role (such as Manager, Buddy, or other Employee Custom Field)
  • Specific email address (including aliases)

Note: Users included in the To line will receive information about all new hires in the cohort. Selecting a role such as Manager does not result in the recipient receiving details only about the new hire with whom they are associated.

Subject line

Provide a subject line for the email.

Email body

Provide the body of the email.
New hire details Select new hire details to include in the body of the email. To remove a detail from the email, click the Hide icon beside the detail. To show a detail in the email, click the Show icon beside that detail.

The following fields cannot be hidden:
  • Preferred name
  • Title
  • Department

When finished, click Preview to see an example of an email generated from your Choreographed introductions template.

Note: The preview will not include actual new hire data. Instead, the preview will include placeholders such as First Name Last Name and Title, Department.

Click Save and exit when finished.

You will be returned to the Emails page. To begin sending your new Choreographed introductions email now, click the appropriate toggle in the Published column so a checkmark appears. If you do not want this email to begin sending automatically yet, ensure the toggle does not display a checkmark.

Once moved to a published status, the Choreographed introductions email will be sent automatically based on the schedule you defined when an applicable New Hire cohort starts.

Tip: Choreographed introductions emails are tied to a new hire's start date, and not to their onboarding plan. To prevent a specific new hire from appearing within the email, do not assign the new hire a startdDate.