In an effort to improve our suite of products, Greenhouse Software regularly releases new product features, updates, and improvements. Stay up-to-date with what's new at Greenhouse by Following our Release Notes.

Find our releases for this week below:


Greenhouse Recruiting

  • Auto-Advance is now available for organizations with an Advanced or Expert subscription! Auto-Advance allows your team to automatically move candidates to a specified stage based on their responses to custom job post questions. 


  • We also improved Application Rules with new AND/OR Conditions. Click here to learn more.
  • We added a new Sourcing Nudge that can be enabled when configuring Auto-Reject or Auto-Advance Application Rules. Nudges are timely reminders that help change behaviors by reminding employees to engage in efforts to disrupt unconscious bias and promote inclusion.


  • Single Sign-On configurations are now user-serviceable. Single Sign-On is included in the Advanced and Expert subscription tiers. Click here to learn more.    


Bug Fixes

  • We resolved an issue that caused some users to encounter an error when scheduling interviews through the Zoom integration. We apologize for any trouble this caused your team. 
  • We updated a broken URL on the English and Spanish versions of the EEOC form. 
  • We fixed a bug that prevented users from copying a job if the original job did not have a job post location set. 
  • We fixed a user-reported issue in which special characters were not supported when searching for a saved job post location. 

  • We resolved an issue that caused resumes added to existing candidates in bulk via Maildrop not to appear in document preview.