Permissions: Basic and above who can manage Job Board related API credentials or can manage all the organization's API Credentials

Product tier: Available to all subscription tiers.

Greenhouse Recruiting allows you to upload a custom CSS stylesheet for your hosted or embedded external job board. We allow override-able classes and selectors for most job board elements, like headings, fonts, fields, and buttons.

To get you started customizing your careers page, we've provided an example CSS file that can be uploaded as-is or customized to fit your company's unique branding.

Example careers page with our CSS styling

Before you begin, make sure your Greenhouse Recruiting job board is well-positioned to work with this new style. There are two things you should check:

  • Confirm that candidates apply to jobs at a URL like instead of something more custom like Our sample CSS style is optimized for Greenhouse-hosted job boards and might look a little strange when embedded into a webpage hosted by your company.

  • In Greenhouse Recruiting, navigate to Configure > Job Board & Posts > Edit Job Board Settings, and upload a logo that includes your company's full name. Our sample CSS style hides the title of the job board for a cleaner visual experience, but it could make it difficult for candidates to know which jobs they're applying to if your logo only includes an icon.

When complete, download the CSS file attached to the top-left of this article (modern.css).

For ease of customization, we've added two colors near the beginning of the file that you can easily edit to fit your brand. If you know the hex code for the colors, you can use a tool like this to convert it to RGB values.

The first value controls the color of the Apply Now and Submit Application buttons on individual job posts.

The second value controls the hover color on the job board.

Note: We do not recommend removing the .1 value from the lighter color. This adds opacity and makes the hover state less saturated.

Once you have your colors saved in the file, simply upload the CSS file within Greenhouse Recruiting and refresh your job board to view the changes!