Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Essential candidate reports allow you to search, report on, and view profile and application details for multiple candidates simultaneously.

Tip: Need help troubleshooting this report? Check out Troubleshoot a report.

Essential candidate report

To create an essential candidate report, click Candidates on your navigation bar.

Alternatively, if you intend to report on candidates for a single job only, begin by navigating to the specific job (Jobs > Job) then click the Candidates tab.

Screenshot of Candidates tab

Use the filters on the left to adjust the list of candidates you wish to include in your report. To learn more about the available filtering options, click here.

Screenshot of All Candidates tab with filters

Note: By default, the all candidates page displays all active candidate applications for open jobs. To report on rejected candidate applications and / or candidate applications on closed jobs, use the panel on the left to add the appropriate filters to your report.

Each filter you apply is reflected at the top of the page.

Screenshot of All Candidates page with filters

Note: The essential candidate report has a limit of 1,000 candidate applications per report. If the all candidates page displays more than 1,000 candidate applications, narrow the list down with filters before running the report in-app, or export the data instead.

Once you've applied filters to the candidate applications list, click Generate Report at the top of the page. From the dropdown, click either View in App to view your report within Greenhouse Recruiting, or Email as XLS to receive an emailed spreadsheet of the data.

If you choose Email as XLS, the subsequent box prompts you to confirm the request by clicking Email Export.

Screenshot of Essential Reports > Email report

If you choose View in App, you'll be redirected to the Candidate Report page to view the list of candidate applications in report format. The filters you applied on the All Candidates page remain visible at the top of the report.

Screenshot of custom candidate report

Organizations with an Advanced or Expert subscription tier can save the report to access it again quickly in the future or schedule the report to be sent to specified users at a regular cadence.

Screenshot of Save, Share, or Export a report

Note: Each line in this report reflects a single candidate application. If a candidate has submitted multiple applications, their name might appear more than once in your report.

The report includes columns for the following default candidate fields:

First name Last name Title Company Phone (home)
Phone (work) Phone (mobile) Phone (Skype) Phone (other) Email (home)
Email (work) Email (other) Social Media Website (personal) Website (company)
Website (blog) Website (portfolio) Website (other) Address (home) Address (work)
Address (other) Headline Applied for Office location(s) Department
Sourcing strategy Source Credited to Requisition ID Opening ID
Stage Status Rejection date Rejection reason Rejection note
Application date Last activity Last Stage change Next scheduled interview Last scheduled interview
Offer date Start date Recruiter Coordinator Tags
Prospect pool Prospect stage Prospect owner Linked Greenhouse user  

Note: Referral questions do not appear on the Essential candidate report.

Custom candidate fields and rejection questions

Custom candidate fields and rejection questions are not included in the in-app version of the essential candidate report. Instead, to report on custom candidate fields or rejection questions, generate an essential candidate report and then select Email as XLS.


The emailed report will include columns for your custom candidate fields and custom rejection questions.

Note: Organizations with an Advanced or Expert subscription tier can also report on custom candidate fields using the Build your own candidate report on Report Builder.