Permissions: Site Admin, Job Admin who can add users to their assigned jobs

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Greenhouse Recruiting allows organizations to automatically assign users job-based permissions on future jobs. In some cases, your team might wish to assign job-based permissions to a user on all future jobs except those in a specified Office and/or Department.

Exclude job-based permissions

Example: An Associate Recruiter on your team needs to have Job Admin: Standard permissions on all future jobs in their home office of New York except for jobs in the People department. Using the Exclude permissions function, you can grant the Associate Recruiter this access by applying the following two permissions to the user's account: 

  • All future jobs in New York
  • Exclude permissions for All future People jobs in New York

To begin, navigate to the Users configure page. (Configure icon > Users)

Screenshot of the user configure page.

Select the name of the user from the list. 

Once on the Edit User page, click Add in the Job-Based Permissions panel. 

Screenshot of the add button.

Use the filter panel to set the Office and/or Department where the permissions will be excluded for the user. 

Note: It is not possible to exclude permissions on all future jobs. The Exclude permissions option will appear only when assigning future job permissions in a specified Office and/or Department.

Screenshot of the filter panel.

Once filtered, navigate to the Future Jobs panel and click the edit icon. 

Screenshot of the edit pencil icon.

Select Exclude permissions from the down. Then, click Save

Screenshot of the exclude permissions option from the dropdown.

Moving forward, the user will not be assigned any job-based permissions on jobs created in the Office and/or Department where permissions were excluded. 

To revert or change this action, click the Edit icon and select a new permission level. Then, click Save