Understanding the recruiter/coordinator relationship to candidate profiles

Permissions: Job Admin or above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

In Greenhouse Recruiting, assigned Hiring team roles determine which tasks users need to complete for candidates moving through your interview pipeline. These responsible roles can be set up for all new candidates at the job-level within the Hiring Team directly or individually within a candidate profile.

If candidates submit multiple applications or are moved to new requisitions when interviewing, the recruiter and coordinator interaction with the profile may result in inconsistencies around candidate responsibility, however. For example, there may be times where your team members report receiving notifications to take action on candidates they may not realize they're assigned to.

In this article, we'll provide an overview of how the recruiter and coordinator roles interact with candidate profiles in Greenhouse Recruiting and outline steps to correct users who may be incorrectly assigned. 

View a candidate's assigned recruiter and coordinator

To view a candidate's assigned Recruiter and Coordinator, navigate to a candidate's profile and select the Details tab. The candidate's assigned recruiter and coordinator will be listed in the Source & Responsibility panel. 


Understanding the recruiter/coordinator assignment model

Responsible recruiter and coordinators are assigned to a candidate's profile after the candidate submits an application directly or is added to one of your organization's jobs. Each candidate profile one value for the coordinator and recruiter fields assigned within a candidate's details, regardless of how many jobs the candidate is associated with in your Greenhouse Recruiting account.

The assigned Recruiter and Coordinator on the job's Hiring Team will be assigned to the candidate's profile.

If the candidate later applies or is added to other jobs where different users are configured for the job's Hiring Team, the candidate will still retain the original Recruiter and Coordinator assigned to them if not manually updated prior. 

The values assigned are considered candidate-specific and can only contain one value overall, no matter how many jobs a candidate is assigned to. 

Note: For more information on the differences between candidate-specific and application-specific information within candidate profiles in Greenhouse Recruiting, click here

If a candidate is associated with more than one job, their assigned Recruiter and Coordinator users will be responsible for tasks related to that candidate on all of the candidate's jobs, even if those users are not listed on the Hiring Teams for the candidate's additional jobs.

In this scenario, the candidate's assigned Recruiter and Coordinator also will receive notifications configured to be sent to a candidate's Recruiter or Coordinator for the job, even if those users are not listed on that job's Hiring Team. 

Example: Candidate Javier applies to your company for the first time on the Engineering Manager job. The Engineering Manager job's Hiring Team page lists Alaina as the Recruiter, and Francine as the Coordinator. Alaina and Francine will be assigned as Javier's Recruiter and Coordinator, respectively.

However, the Engineering Manager job is ultimately placed on hold and Javier remains in your Greenhouse Recruiting account as an active candidate on a closed job. 

Several months later, Javier applies to your company again, this time on the Senior Engineer job, which lists Jonathan as the Recruiter, and Bethany as the Coordinator on their Hiring Team.

Because Javier previously applied to your company and was assigned a Recruiter and Coordinator at that time, Javier's profile will retain the originally assigned Recruiter and Coordinator, Alaina and Francine, and will not update Javier's Recruiter and Coordinator to Jonathan and Bethany.

Alaina will be notified for Recruiter tasks associated with Javier's application on the Senior Engineer role, and Francine will be notified for scheduling tasks associated with Javier's Senior Engineer application.

Further, if the Senior Engineer role has notifications configured to be sent to the candidate's Recruiter or Coordinator, those notifications will be sent to Alaina or Francine. Jonathan and Bethany will not be associated with Javier's profile in any way.

Note: The above scenario applies to active candidates on multiple jobs. If a candidate is rejected prior to re-applying or being added/transferred to a different job, the candidate’s Recruiter and Coordinator will only update to the users listed in the Hiring Team on the job they’re currently active on when manually updated. 

Update an assigned recruiter or coordinator

To update a candidate's assigned Recruiter and Coordinator, one of the following scenarios must occur:

  • A user manually updates these roles on a candidate's profile through the Details tab or in a bulk candidate action.
  • After a candidate has applied or been added to an additional job, a user selects the option on the second job to make that user the Recruiter or Coordinator for Active Candidates on the job.


  • After a candidate has applied or been added to an additional job and rejected or hired on that additional job, a user edits the additional job's Hiring Team page to add a new Recruiter or Coordinator, and selects the option to make that user the Recruiter or Coordinator for Rejected/Hired Candidates on the job.


Responsible role best practices 

Greenhouse Recruiting uses the one Recruiter/Coordinator per candidate relationship to help create a more streamlined candidate experience.

In cases where a candidate is under consideration for multiple jobs, this model allows the candidate to work closely and build a relationship with one Recruiter and one Coordinator for all of their jobs, simplifying the number of contacts the candidate has at your organization.

If your team would prefer the Recruiter/Coordinator users assigned to a job be responsible for all tasks on their jobs, including tasks for candidates associated with other Recruiter/Coordinator users, reach out to our Customer Success team to learn more about Job-Specific MyTasks.