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Entelo's Greenhouse Two-Way Integration ensures that you have all the information you need to confidently take action on a candidate, whether you are viewing their profile within Entelo or Greenhouse. As an integrated Greenhouse user, you can:

  • Discover which candidates have already been added to Greenhouse, and what actions have been taken on them, without leaving the Entelo Search results page
  • Prioritize candidate rediscovery or new pipeline development by including or excluding Greenhouse candidates respectively from searches run on Entelo
  • View all Entelo Track activity within a candidate’s Greenhouse profile to get a better understanding of their past engagement history
To find out more about the two-way integration, or request setup for your team, contact us at

Creating a Greenhouse API key

Navigate to the Greenhouse “API Credentials” page ( and click “Create New API Key”.

In the “Create new credential” box that appears enter “Entelo Integration” as the description and choose “Harvest” as the type.


After hitting the “Create” button you will be brought to a page that allows you to specify the level of access this API key will provide. You should only enable the permissions that are absolutely necessary for the features you wish to use.

  • Candidates -> GET: List Candidates will enable an additional Entelo Search filter to allow you to include or exclude your Greenhouse candidates
  • Candidates -> GET: Retrieve Candidate will allow Greenhouse-specific data to appear alongside Entelo profiles and will display a link directly to that candidate’s Greenhouse page
  • Candidates -> POST: Add Email will allow emails sent as part of an Entelo Track conversation to appear in the candidate’s Greenhouse activity feed.


Adding your Greenhouse API key to Entelo 

Navigate to your organization’s Integration page:<your-org-id>/settings

If you don’t already have a Greenhouse integration you’ll need to create one.

Once your integration is created you can navigate to the “Credentials” page (<your-org-id>/integrations/v2/greenhouse/settings) to add your Harvest (Greenhouse) API key:

This page will provide you with the webhook username and password that you’ll need when you create your Greenhouse webhooks.

Creating the Greenhouse webhooks

“Webhooks” allow Greenhouse to send a secure message directly to Entelo whenever changes occur with your Greenhouse candidates. To configure your Greenhouse webhooks, first navigate to the “Web Hooks” page in the Greenhouse developer center ( You should be brought directly to the form for creating a new webhook.  

The following settings will use the same values for every webhook you create:

Endpoint URL:

Secret key: <Organization name>

Error recipient email: <leave empty>

Advanced Settings

Username: <webhook username from the Greenhouse integration page on Entelo>

Password: <webhook password from the Greenhouse integration page on Entelo>

Additional settings: <leave blank>

Maximum attempts: 25

Disabled?: No

Each of the following features will be enabled automatically when you create a webhook with the given value for the “When” field:

  • When I create new Greenhouse candidates I want to automatically attempt to link them to Entelo profiles:

Name this webhook: new_prospect_application

When: Prospect created

  • When I delete a candidate from Greenhouse I no longer want that candidate to appear in my “show only Greenhouse candidate” searches:

Name this webhook: delete_candidate

When: Delete candidate

  • When I modify the name or email address of a candidate in Greenhouse I want to make another attempt to match the candidate with an Entelo profile:

Name this webhook: update_candidate

When: Candidate or Prospect updated