Permissions: Job Admin or above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

The candidate activity feed is an itemized list of public events and actions that have occurred for a particular candidate in your Greenhouse Recruiting account. In this article, we will provide a brief overview of the candidate activity feed for a non-private candidate, including the types of events and actions that can be audited through the activity feed.

Note: In order to access the activity feed for a private candidate, a Greenhouse Recruiting user will need to be Job Admin or above, with the user-specific permission 'can create and view private candidates.'

To view a candidate's activity feed, navigate to a candidate's profile and click Activity Feed on the left panel.

To filter or search the candidate's activity feed, use the fields at the top of the panel.

Note: When using the Search field, Greenhouse Recruiting will only show results from Notes, Scorecards, and Emails.

The candidate activity feed will contain the following types of records:

Activity Description
Activity Any updates or automatic actions completed by Greenhouse Recruiting.
Notes Any candidate notes added to the candidate's profile.

Any scorecards submitted for the candidate.

Emails Any emails sent to the candidate.
LinkedIn Notes

Any LinkedIn notes added for the candidate.

This option will only appear if your organization is using LinkedIn RSC.

LinkedIn InMails

Any LinkedIn InMail sent to the candidate.

This option will only appear if your organization is using LinkedIn RSC.

Touchpoints Any communication touchpoints with a prospect.

Any forms that were sent to or submitted by the candidate.

Note: Private notes do not show up in the candidate activity feed and can only be viewed by clicking the Private tab on a candidate's profile, or through Greenhouse Recruiting's Harvest API. Click here to learn more.