Paylocity is a provider of cloud-based payroll and human capital management software solutions for small, medium, and large-sized organizations. Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Paylocity allows your organization to automatically push a candidate's Greenhouse demographic and department information into Paylocity.In this article, we will cover how to:


Greenhouse to Paylocity Integration Workbook (IWB)

The Greenhouse to Paylocity Integration Workbook (IWB) is created at the beginning of the integration project between your organization and your JOYND Project Manager. IWB contains all the pertinent details needed to properly configure your integration (fields used, webhook endpoints, email notifications, API key, etc...). Please refer to the IWB for details related to your organization as you configure the integration.


Configure User Setup Permissions in Greenhouse Recruiting

In order to enable the Greenhouse/Paylocity integration, you will need the developer permission Can manage ALL organization’s API Credentials and Can manage and configure web hooks.

Contact a Greenhouse user in your organization with Site Admin level permissions with the additional user-specific permission Can edit another user's advanced permissions to apply the API credential management permission to your account. Have the user with Site Admin level permissions edit your user account's permissions by navigating to the Configure icon   > Users > Your Name.

The user with Site Admin level permissions should navigate to the Permissions panel on your user page and expand the Developer Permissions dropdown menu. 

Select Can manage ALL organization’s API Credentials and Can manage and configure web hooks so that a check is in the checkbox. When finished, click Save.



Create a Harvest API Key for the Greenhouse/Paylocity Integration 

To create a Harvest API key for the integration, click on the Configure icon Screen_Shot_2018-05-24_at_5.31.51_PM.png in the upper right-hand corner. Navigate to Dev Center on the left-hand panel.

From the Dev Center page, click API Credential Management.

From the API Credential Management page, click Create New API Key to generate the API key for Paylocity.  

From the Create new credential dialog box, give your API key a name and select Harvest from the Type dropdown menu. When finished, click Create.

On the Manage API Key Permissions page, assign the following permissions to the Harvest API Key: 

  • All Activity Feed permissions
  • All Candidates permissions
  • All Users permissions


Click Update when finished. 

Your Partner API key for the Greenhouse/Paylocity integration is created and configured. Copy and Paste the API into the Integration Workbook (IWB).



Create a Webhook in Greenhouse

To set up the webhook, click the Configure icon  in the upper right-hand corner and navigate to Dev Center on the left-hand panel.

From the Dev Center page, click Web Hooks. Click Web Hooks from the subsequent page.

You will be directed to a new page where you Create a New Web Hook. From this page provide the following details: 

  • Name: We suggest Paylocity Integration
  • When: Be sure to select the right web hook as outlined in your Paylocity Integration Workbook (IWB) so that the web hook fires at the appropriate event in Greenhouse
  • Endpoint URL: The Endpoint URL provided in your Paylocity Integration Workbook (IWB)
  • Secret Key: The Secret Key provided in your Paylocity Integration Workbook (IWB)

IWB Instructions tab: 

When finished, click Create Web hook


That's it! Your Greenhouse account and Paylocity account can now talk to each other. These settings dictate execution of the Paylocity web hook once the end user transitions the candidate into an appropriate application stage for a given job.  


Use the Paylocity Integration with Greenhouse

  • When a candidate enters into the predefined Event Step they will be sent automatically to Paylocity.
  • The fields sent are defined in the Paylocity Integration Workbook (IWB).
  • A notification email will be sent to Greenhouse identifying Candidates that were added successfully or any errors that might have cause the Candidate not to be added.
  • After an error, fix the Candidate record in Greenhouse and “re-trigger” the integration by moving the candidate into the “Event Step Trigger” again. If the candidate is already in the that Event Step, move them out and back in
  • Standard fields used in the integration:
    First Name, Last Name, Addresses 1, Addresses 2, City, State, Zip Code, Country, Phone – Mobile, Phone – Home, Personal Email Address, Title, Start Date, Work Location, Salary, Company Code


Contact JOYND

During the integration setup contact your JOYND Project Manager for support. Once the integration is in production, please contact for troubleshooting assistance regarding the integration.

To get more information about this and other integrations contact: