Permissions: Basic users assigned to interview candidates, Job Admin, and Site Admin

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Candidate notes allow users on a job to aggregate comments and notes about a particular candidate directly on the candidate's profile. In this article, we will cover the following for candidate notes that are only visible to users assigned Job Admin permission level or Site Admin permission level on the job:

Create candidate note

Candidate notes can be created by Basic users assigned to interview a candidate, Job Admin, or Site Admin — but candidate notes can only be viewed, in most cases, by the latter 2 groups of users.

Candidate notes are all contained in the notes tab on the right panel of the candidate profile.

Add a new note by entering text in the field and pressing the arrow icon. 

Tip: You can also send a note using Ctrl + Enter (Windows) or Cmd + Enter (Mac)

Notes are only visible to Site Admins and Job Admins, unless the Add to Interview Kit box is checked when adding the note. You can also create private notes that further limit the visibility of the information to certain users.

@mentions in candidate note

The @mentions feature is a notification system that allows users to easily include and notify other Greenhouse Recruiting users when recording notes on a candidate's profile. To include an @mention notification in a candidate note, type the "@" sign while writing the note and select a user from the subsequent dropdown menu.

Any user mentioned will receive an emailed copy of this note.

Candidate note and the activity feed

Candidate notes are accessible via the candidate's activity feed by any user with Job Admin permission or above on the job. The candidate note will be hidden to all other interviewers unless its a public note.

Note: Candidate notes can be accessed by any user, regardless of their permissions in Greenhouse Recruiting, via the Harvest API with a GET: Retrieve activity feed request. The API key used to retrieve this data must have permissions on the activity feed object.