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Greenhouse Recruiting

  • Historically, Greenhouse Recruiting's structured education feature required the following five fields to successfully save an entry: School Name, Degree, Discipline, Start Date, End Date. In an effort to provide your organization with more flexibility when collecting this information, we have updated this feature so that education entries no longer require all five fields.



CRM & Events

  • Coming Soon: Greenhouse CRM is very excited to announce the imminent arrival of Prospect Posts! A prospect post is unique type of post on your organization's career page that is not linked to any specific job. It allows prospects to express general interest in applying to roles at your company who do not see current listings applicable to their skillset. Once released, your organization can create multiple prospect posts for your entire careers page and/or multiple prospect post for every department.




  • For more information regarding updates to our API, click here.
Jun 12, 2019  Added prospective_department and prospective_office to the Application object.
Jun 7, 2019  Added default interviewers and estimated duration to the Job Stage object
May 24, 2019  Added ability to set location on job posts via office and custom location id via PATCH: Update Job Post
May 24, 2019  Added schedulable field to Job Stages Endpoints
May 24, 2019  Added first_published_at field to Job Posts Endpoints
May 15, 2019  Added ability to change prospect pool and stage via PATCH: Update Application
May 15, 2019  Added opening field to Offers.
May 7, 2019  Added Demographic Data endpoints


Greenhouse Analytics

We are making the following changes to the Greenhouse Analytics schema on June 28th, 2019! See below for a description. We will update this post with the newest schema when it is available.

This update allows customers with the Business Intelligence Connector to view data regarding different aspects of their job posts, including:

  • Whether EEOC questions are enabled for the job post.
  • Whether or not the job has been indexed to one of the free job boards offered in Greenhouse
  • A list of all job post questions for the job post

If you have any questions or comments, please fill out the form at or click here to open a ticket with the Greenhouse Customer Support team.


      New column in the job_posts table:
           job_posts.eeoc_enabled (boolean)
      New columns in the job_posts table:
           job_posts.indeed_feed (boolean)
           job_posts.linkedin_feed (boolean)
           job_posts.glassdoor_feed (boolean)
      New table for job post questions:
      CREATE TABLE job_post_questions (
           job_post_id (bigint)
           question (text)


Greenhouse Onboarding

  • Greenhouse Onboarding's new bulk onboard feature allows your organization to onboard multiple pending hires simultaneously. Select pending hires to be onboarded and we will group them based on Department, Location, and Employment Status so that you can easily preview and assign Onboarding Plans. Click here for more information.





Bug Fixes

  • For organizations who use the DD/MM/YYY date format for their Greenhouse Recruiting account, we fixed a reported error when creating a new job with a Date type custom job field. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Users can successfully CC recipients when sending a Form to a candidate.
  • We fixed an issue with custom fields limited to tiered offices not populating correctly when creating a new job. Now when users create a new job associated with a tiered office, they can expect that the correct custom fields populate.