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Edit Referral Question(s)


Referral questions enable your organization to capture structured data for referrals made by your existing employees. In addition to Greenhouse Recruiting provided default questions, your organization can add new custom referral questions. In this article, we will cover how to:


Edit Referral Question

Click the Configure icon configure.png in the upper right-hand corner and select Custom Options from the left-hand panel.


Click Referral Questions.


From the Manage Referral Question Fields page, click the Edit icon edit.png inline with a referral question.


Use the subsequent dialog box to edit the following fields:

 Field Name Description/Notes
 Field Input the name or question for this custom referral question
 Description Input an optional description for the field. Values input here will appear when a user hovers over the tooltip icon to the right of Field


Note: Once a Custom Referral Question has been Saved, the question Type can no longer be edited.

 Required If checked, the user must respond to this custom referral question to successfully submit a referral.
 Placeholder This value will initially load in the empty field (i.e. Select an option)
Immutable Field Key

A key that is generated when a custom field is created. It enables downstream systems (e.g. HRIS systems) to detect the presence of Greenhouse custom fields during an export.

Note: The Immutable Field Key cannot be edited.


Click Save when finished.


Reorder Referral Question

New referral questions are always appended to the bottom of the list of referral questions and will appear this way when a user submits a referral. To change the order of referral questions, navigate to the Manage Referral Questions Field page (Configure configure.png > Custom Options > Referral Questions).   

Click and hold any referral question, drag into the desired position, and drop the referral question into the new location.