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Ai4JOBS by ThisWay

Identify the best applicants for every job, instantly!  REVEAL by Ai4JOBS is now available inside With the click of a button, the software ranks and scores all applicants for any job with little change to your workflow. Improve your time-to-fill job metrics and sourcing success rates by 47%.  Built by HR and technology experts, we do the high-tech part so your recruitment team can do the high-touch part. Start talking to the best applicants now…ThisWay!

In this article, we will cover how to: 

Create Harvest API Key for the Greenhouse/REVEAL Integration

** If you’d prefer help with the integration, email to schedule a time for us to complete it for you! **


  1. From Dashboard click Configure icon 

  1. Click on Dev Center and then on API Configuration Management   


  1. Click on the Create New API Key button to generate the API key for REVEAL


  1. Input “Ai4JOBS” in the Description field, select “Harvest” for the Type, then click Create to generate the Harvest API



  1. Copy Harvest API into an email and send to

  1. ThisWay Global support team will email you two keys in return:
  • Endpoint URL
  • Secret Key

 Configure Web Hooks to Complete Greenhouse/REVEAL Integration

  1. Click on Web Hooks in the left hand list, then click Web Hooks in right hand list                        
  2. Use Create A New Web Hook Form to create 13 web hooks by inputting the following information (instructions for 1st hook included):



Web Hook Name When
Application Submitted Candidate has submitted application
Application updated Application Updated
Job Post Deleted Job Post Deleted
Job Deleted Job Deleted
Job Approved Job Approved
Candidate Delete Delete Candidate
Job Post Updated Job Post Updated
Prospect created Prospect Created
Candidate Update Candidate or Prospect Updated
Candidate Merged Merged Candidate
Job Updated Job Updated
Job Created Job Created
Job Post Created Job Post Created


  1. Input information into Name This Web Hook and When fields using information provided in table above    


  1. Under Export To, input the following information for all 13 Web Hooks



  1. Click Create Web Hook to complete web hook creation
  2. Repeat step #2 to create remaining 12 web hooks as displayed in table

 How to Utilize REVEAL Matching Functionality  

  1. From Dashboard, click on All Jobs


  1. Click on Candidates column for desired job


  1. Use Profile Details drop down to access Candidate Tag


  1. Select an Ai4JOBS group to sort candidates by


  1. Candidates are now grouped by level of qualification


  1. Ai4JOBS_group_1 = Most Qualified
  2. Ai4JOBS_group_2 = Very Qualified
  3. Ai4JOBS_group_3 = Qualified
  4. Ai4JOBS_group_4 = Somewhat Qualified


***Simply select the tag you would like to see candidates for. If you would like to see a different group of candidates, be sure to delete the precious tag or there won’t be any candidates that populate.***

Next Steps/Troubleshooting  

For any questions about your setup and configuration, contact and they’ll make sure you’re fully set up and properly connected. If you need immediate assistance with troubleshooting, feel free to contact ThisWay Global support at (512) 212-4065, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm US Central.