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If your organization has enabled custom job post locations for a job board, job post creators can only choose one of those options when creating a job post. In this article, we will cover how to delete a single job post location from your custom list.

Note: The following instructions are also applicable for external and internal job boards (if applicable).

Click the Configure icon  on your navigation bar and then select Job Boards & Posts on the left.

Navigate to a job board with the custom job post location options and click the Ellipsis beside the job board name. Select Edit from the dropdown menu.

Scroll to the Manage locations users can select for job posts section.

Delete the desired custom job post location from the list.

Note: If a pre-existing job post assigned the deleted location remains unedited, the delete location will still appear on the job post. However, users will be unable to select this location when creating or editing job posts.

Scroll down the page and click Save when finished.