Permissions: Job Admin and above, who has access to CRM

Product tier: Expert

A prospect post is a unique type of post on your organization's career page that is not linked to any specific job. It allows prospects to express general interest in applying to roles at your company who do not see current listings applicable to their skillset.

Your organization can create multiple prospect posts for your entire careers page and/or multiple prospect post for every department. Additionally, these posts can be linked to specific prospect pools to help keep your prospects organized in Greenhouse CRM.

Example: A stellar junior engineer has heard great things about your company's work culture and wants to eventually work in your Engineering Department. However, upon visiting your careers page the junior engineer finds that your organization is only currently hiring senior engineers.

Rather than completely missing out on this junior engineer's information, or forcing the engineer to apply to a different job in hopes of being funneled into your CRM, you can use a department-specific prospect post to funnel this junior engineer into a prospect pool. Then, when your organization opens up a junior engineering role, you can access this engineer's (and similar) prospect profiles.

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