When your organization decides to reject a candidate or prospect, that person will no longer be considered for the role and will be removed from your the pipeline for that job.

To reject a candidate or prospect from a job, navigate to the candidate or prospect profile (All Jobs > Job > Candidates > Candidate Profile).

Find the correct job on the On Job tab and click Reject.

Note: When rejecting a prospect from a job, the user will click Stop Considering as Prospect instead of Reject.


Complete the fields on the rejection window to record why the candidate wasn't the correct fit for the position. 

If you'd like to keep the candidate in your prospect pool, select Start new prospect process after rejection.


Modify the rejection email template as needed. If needed, you can delay the rejection email by selecting a time from the dropdown menu.


If you don't want to send a rejection email to the candidate, select Reject and Don't Send Email.


When a candidate or prospect is rejected, their rejection information will display on their candidate profile.