Permissions: Site Admin, and Job Admin who can reject candidates

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

When your organization rejects a candidate, that person is no longer considered for the role and is removed from the pipeline for that job. This article covers how to reject an individual candidate from a job, including how to schedule a rejection email. 

Note: You can also reject prospects or reject candidates in bulk. For more information, visit Stop considering a prospect or Reject candidates or prospects in bulk.

A candidate can be rejected from the Job Dashboard or from their candidate profile. 

On the Job Dashboard, you can find the candidate's information under the Candidates tab and use it to open their profile.

Screenshot of the candidates page.

If you're already on the candidate's profile, you can choose the correct job from the right panel.

Open the Stages tab and click Reject at the top of the page.

Fill out the Reject this Candidate box. Include a Rejection Reason and check the Start new prospect process after rejection box if you'd like to add the candidate to a prospect pool.

There are some situations where you want to reject a candidate and not provide a rejection email. For example, if the candidate is being considered for multiple jobs and is receiving a single communication from your organization, or if they are still being considered for another role.

You can turn off the rejection email using the toggle.

However, if you want to send a rejection email, review the template and text, and choose any delay using the dropdown menu at the bottom of the rejection window. 

Note: If you selected the Start new prospect process box, the page will prompt you to add the prospect to a prospect pool and stage

The candidate's rejection information will be displayed at the top of the Stages tab and with any jobs in the right panel.