Permissions: Site Admin, and Job Admin who can manage company metadata

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Greenhouse Recruiting provides your organization with the following default rejection reasons:

 Default Rejection Reason  Reason Type
 Duplicate   We rejected them
 Lacking skill(s)/qualification(s)  We rejected them 
 Not a cultural fit   We rejected them 
 Other (add notes below)   We rejected them 
 Preferred another candidate   We rejected them 
 Spam   We rejected them 
 Didn't like offer   They rejected us 
 Other   They rejected us 
 Wasn't available   They rejected us
 Wasn't interested  They rejected us
 None specified  None specified

Your organization can assign these default rejection reasons (in addition to any custom rejection reasons) when rejecting a candidate or prospect from a job. Unlikes custom rejection reasons that can be fully deleted, default rejection reasons can only be hidden so that they no longer appear from the available options when rejecting a candidate or prospect.

To hide a default rejection reason, click the Configure icon in the top right-hand corner and select Custom Options from the left-hand panel.

Screenshot of the custom options configure page.

Select Rejection Reasons from the Custom Options page.

Screenshot of the rejection reasons button.

From the Manage Rejection Reasons page, navigate to the Default Rejection Reasons panel and click the toggle inline with the rejection reason name to turn the reason OFF

Note: Candidates and/or prospects who were assigned the hidden rejection reason will still be assigned that rejection reason and will populate in reports under the hidden rejection reason. Candidates assigned a hidden rejection reason can be manually assigned a new rejection reason from the candidate's profile. Greenhouse Recruiting currently does not support bulk reassignment of default rejection reasons.

Screenshot of the rejection reason toggle button.

The rejection reason will be hidden from the list of available options when rejecting a candidate.