Permissions: Owner

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Fields help you collect information from new hires during onboarding and organize details related to your employees. You can also configure permissions to give specific users or roles access to view and manage different employee fields.

Owners can add new fields and edit existing fields at any time to customize how and which kinds of information your organization gathers from new hires.

Add a field

Note: New fields cannot be added to the Basic Information field group.

From your Greenhouse Onboarding homepage, navigate to Settings Company Info Fields.

Fields page in Greenhouse Onboarding settings with navigation steps highlighted in marigold

You can add fields to any field group other than the Basic Information field group.

Click the ellipsis at the top-right corner of a field group.

Select Add Field from the dropdown.

Additional Information field group in Greenhouse Onboarding Fields settings with ellipsis and Add Field buttons highlighted

On the Add New Field page, you'll create your new field, determine the type of information collected by this field, and set rules for which new hires will fill out this field.

Add new field page in Greenhouse Onboarding Field settings

Set up the following elements for your new field:

Field element Description
Display name The name that Greenhouse Onboarding users will see when filling out your new field.
Help text (Optional) Provide descriptive text to help users fill out your field. 
Field type Determines the type of information collected in this field. The field type can't be edited later. Select one of the following:

  • Short textbox
  • Long textbox
  • Single select
  • Multi select
  • Contact field
  • Date field
  • Coworker field
  • Address field
  • Masked field
Selection options If your new field uses the single select or multi select field type, add options for your new hires to select from when they fill out this field. For example, if your field asks for a new hire's favorite color, include each color as a selection option.
Field group The field group where this field will be placed on the Fields page in Settings.
Greenhouse Recruiting field If you've integrated your Greenhouse Onboarding account with Greenhouse Recruiting, you can map your new field to a corresponding field in Greenhouse Recruiting. This allows you to pull relevant candidate information into Greenhouse Onboarding when the candidate is hired.
Required for new hires and/or managers Mark this checkbox to require new hires or their managers to fill out this field during the onboarding process.
Rules Set rules to determine which new hires will be able to see and fill out this field during their welcome experience. You can apply rules based on the following criteria:

  • Department
  • Location
  • Employment status
  • Other criteria

When you're finished, click Save.

Save button highlighted on the Add New Field page in Greenhouse Onboarding settings

Edit a field

Click on any existing field from the Fields page to edit it.

Existing field hovered over and highlighted to edit

On the Edit Field page, update any of the following elements:

  • Display name
  • Help text
  • Selection options (if the field type is single select or multi select)
  • Field group
  • Greenhouse Recruiting field
  • Required for new hires and/or managers
  • Rules (any field outside of Basic Information)

Note: The field type can't be changed during editing.

Edit field page in Greenhouse Onboarding Fields settings

Move a field

You can move a field into another field group at any time.

Click and hold the field you'd like to move, then drag and drop it into your preferred field group.

Note: Fields can't be moved into or outside of the Basic Information field group.

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