Skillist enables companies to create a more open and efficient talent pipeline by collecting information about each candidate’s skills when they apply. Companies interested in using Skillist to implement skill-based hiring should reach out to Ananth Kasturiraman.

The Greenhouse/Skillist integration sends application information from accepted candidates directly into your organization's Greenhouse account. Application information sent through the integration includes the candidate’s name (first and last), email address, phone number, and the skill-based resumé generated by Skillist. In this article, we will cover the following steps necessary to enable the Greenhouse/Skillist integration:


Retrieve Greenhouse Job Board Token

Before your organization can enable the Greenhouse/Skillist integration, you must retrieve your Greenhouse job board token.

From your Greenhouse account, click the Configure icon configure.png in the upper right-hand corner and select Job Board from the left-hand panel.


Navigate to a Live job board and click the ellipsis inline with the job board name. Select Edit from the dropdown menu.


Navigate to the URL section of the subsequent page. The job board token is the alphanumeric data in the field after

Copy the job board token. 



Add Job Board Token to Skillist Company Panel

With your Greenhouse job board token copied, navigate to your Skillist owner account. Open your Owner portal and click Companies.

Locate the company and click the Edit (pencil) icon.

Navigate to the bottom of the dialog box and paste the job board token into the Greenhouse Job Board Token field.

Click Save Changes.


Find Job ID(s) in Greenhouse

After you have linked your Greenhouse job board to Skillist,  your organization will want to provide Skillist with the job ID(s) for jobs.

Navigate back to your Greenhouse account and click All Jobs. From the subsequent page, click a job from the subsequent list.


From the job page, click Job Setup and select Job Info from the left-hand panel.


Navigate to the Online Job Application section. The job ID is the alphanumeric data after Copy the job ID


Repeat as necessary for other jobs.


Add Job ID(s) to Skillist Job Panel

Return to your Skillist owner portal and select the Jobs tab. Select the relevant job.

Navigate down the subsequent dialog box to the Greenhouse Job ID field. Input the job id from the previous step into the provided field.

Click Save Changes. 

Repeat as necessary for other job IDs. 


Accept Two Test Application on the Job

  1. Submit at least one test application to the job as a test user.
  2. Log in to the employer admin account for the company
  3. Go to the Employer Portal for the company, and click to review the pending candidates
  4. Select two pending applications and accept them


Verify Application Successfully Received by Greenhouse

After a few minutes, return to your Greenhouse account and click All Jobs. Select the job used to test the integration from the list.


Click the Candidates tab.


Confirm that both candidates, their information, and their Skillist resumés have been successfully submitted.