Permissions: Job Admin or above assigned to at least one job, who can manage CRM and unattached prospects

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Prospect pool admin is a role delegated by a CRM user to other users. When assigned, the prospect pool admin role allows those users to edit, delete, and manage a specific prospect pool.

Users with CRM user licenses must be assigned to the prospect pool admin role to manage the prospect pool. Only users who are Job Admin or higher may be assigned as a prospect pool admin.

Assign prospect pool admin

Navigate to the CRM page and click Configure CRM. (CRM in the top navigation bar > Configure CRM)

Screenshot of configure CRM button

Find your prospect pool and click Edit Pool.

Screenshot of edit pool button

Navigate to the Pool Admin column and select a user from the dropdown menu.

Note: Users who create prospect pools will automatically be added to the prospect pool admin role. This will enable those creators to continually edit and manage the prospect pool.

Click Save Changes when finished.

Screenshot of pool admin

Remove prospect pool admin

To remove a user from the prospect pool admin role, you'll need to be editing a prospect pool (CRM > Configure Pool > Edit).

Click the delete.png next to the user to remove them from the list and click Save Changes to update the pool.

Screenshot of remove pool admin

Note: To learn more on permissions needed to access CRM, click here.