Archiving a prospect pool will retain all historical data for the prospect pool for reporting purposes. Once archived, prospects can no longer be added to the prospect pool. 

Click here for more information on prospect pools and stages.

Note: A CRM Admin can archive or restore any prospect pool. However, normal CRM users must be a Prospect Pool Admin to archive or restore a specific prospect pool.

Archive a prospect pool

Navigate to the prospect pool you want to archive. (Ellipses icon Icon_-_Ellipses.png> CRM > Configure CRM)

Select the ellipses icon to the right of the prospect pool.


Select Archive from the dropdown menu. The prospect pool will move to the Archived Pools tab.


Restore an archived prospect pool

Sometimes, if a pool was archived by mistake, or your organization wants to start using a pool again, you will need to restore it to continue adding prospects to the pool.

Navigate to your prospect pools and select the Archived Pools tab.


Find the archived pool and click Restore on the right side of the page. 


The pool will not appear on the Active Pools tab and can have new prospects added to it.

Note: You can fully delete the archived pool by selecting the trash can icon Icon_-_Delete.png. Deleted pools cannot be retrieved.