Connect Periscope data to Greenhouse database



Periscope Data brings data teams and their stakeholders onto a single, unified platform. The platform gives data professionals full control over the analytics lifecycle — including ingestion, storage, analysis, visualization and reporting — and non-technical users the ability to drill down into the data to quickly answer questions.

If Periscope Data is your preferred business intelligence tool, your organization can connect the tool to Greenhouse Recruiting's database, pull all of your data, and perform advanced data analytics. In this article, we will cover how to:

Note: We recommend your organization reviews Periscope Data's documentation on how to connect to databases before proceeding. Click here to learn more.


Allowlist IP Addresses and Retrieve Greenhouse Database Credentials

In order to connect Periscope to the Greenhouse Database, your organization will need to contact our Greenhouse Support team and make the following request:

  • Allowlist the following Periscope IP addresses for your account:

  • Greenhouse Database Credentials 

Database Name
Database Username
Database Password

After our Greenhouse Support team has processed your request, they will contact you to confirm the allowlisting of Periscope IP addresses for your account and provide you with the credentials needed to connect Periscope to the Greenhouse Database.  


Connect Periscope to Greenhouse Database

Once Periscope's IP addresses are allowlisted for your account and the credentials to access the Greenhouse Database are received, navigate to your Periscope account.

Note: Users will need to have Admin level permissions in Periscope to perform the following actions. 

Click the Settings icon Screen_Shot_2019-02-01_at_1.52.38_PM.png on the left-hand panel and navigate to Database.   


Click Add Database from the subsequent page.


Use the subsequent dialog box to configure the following settings for the new database:

Field Name Input
Display Name This can be any value (e.g. Greenhouse Analytics)
Database Type Redshift
Database Host
Database Port 5439
Database Name Enter value shared by Greenhouse Support
Database Username Enter value shared by Greenhouse Support
Database Password Enter value shared by Greenhouse Support


When finished, click Add.


Common Connection Errors

Error Troubleshoot
Screen_Shot_2019-02-01_at_2.39.05_PM.png Confirm that the Database Username and Database password you entered match the information sent by Greenhouse Support.
Screen_Shot_2019-02-01_at_2.44.31_PM.png This is typically a result of a credential error or a problem with the allowlisted IP addresses. Confirm that the username and password were entered correctly, and let the Greenhouse Support team know if you are still seeing this issue after that.
Screen_Shot_2019-02-01_at_2.46.53_PM.png This is an intermittent error. Try clicking Add again. If that does not work, try refreshing the page and re-entering the configuration settings.
Screen_Shot_2019-02-01_at_2.48.37_PM.png This is typically caused by entering an incorrect database hostname. Confirm that the hostname has been entered correctly. 
Screen_Shot_2019-02-01_at_2.50.25_PM.png This error may indicate an issue with the port number you have configured. Confirm that the Database Port is correct.


Common Post-Correction Errors

If an error is encountered while using the Greenhouse/Periscope integration, navigate to the Credentials page in Periscope under Configure > Database to confirm that the connection to the Greenhouse Database is functional.

If the Connection Healthy status is set to Never, this indicates that the Periscope has never successfully connected to Greenhouse Analytics.


Confirm that the Database Name has been entered correctly. In the example above, the Database Name was entered as testdatabasename, but would need to be entered as the value shared by Greenhouse Support (either greenhouse or greenhouse2) in order for the connection to be successful.