Common errors when connecting to Business Intelligence Connector


Product tier: Available to Expert subscription tier

Greenhouse's Business Intelligence (BI) Connector provides insight into your organization's data with robust analytics capabilities. 

If you encounter errors when connecting to BI Connector, check out these possible solutions.

Login rejected

The IP address provided with the BI Connector credentials is not matching the login information for the AWS server.

Verify that the IP address for the Redshift connection is allowlisted: Allowlist IP addresses for Business Intelligence Connector.

Auth failed

The username and password added to the BI Connector do not match the login information on the AWS server. 

  • Verify that the correct login information was entered in Greenhouse Recruiting (S3 setup, Redshift setup)
  • Re-enter the login information in Greenhouse Recruiting

EOF detected

There are a few different scenarios that can cause these error messages:

  • The key didn't match any rows on the table: This error is generated by Power BI when a query references a key that doesn't exist in the schema. Power BI support will have to assist with this error. 
  • Prepared statement already exists: Prepared statements are not supported by Greenhouse Recruiting. To resolve this issue, connect to Redshift first and perform the query in a separate unconnected action. 

To double-check general connection errors like the messages above, you can always connect to another data tool to verify that an error is not unique to your specific data tool. 

SSL required

Redshift will reject any unencrypted connections when sending connection requests. 

Connection timed out

This general error could be caused by any of the following scenarios:

  • A user is attempting to run a large query. Try running a smaller action to see if the action still times out.
  • Your organization's network is limiting traffic, which is causing queries to time out. Your IT team will be able to verify this issue. 
  • Redshift has become disconnected from your organization.