The recruitment process is busy. Recruiters and Coordinators are tasked to manage the flow of many candidates through the interview pipeline and it can be easy to let a candidate fall through the cracks. Greenhouse Recruiting's Follow-up Reminders feature allows a user to easily see at a glance the tasks that were assigned to them so they can better track necessary next steps for candidates.

Note: Follow-up Reminders include tasks that were automatically assigned to a user because of their role on a Hiring Team and those tasks that were manually assigned to them from a candidate's profile. Reminders are scheduled to be delivered to users between 7:00am - 7:30am.

A user's Follow-up Reminders can be found from their My Dashboard page under the My Follow-up Reminders panel.


Every Follow-up Reminder will include the assigned task, Candidate name, and due date.


Complete/Dismiss Task

Click the Screen_Shot_2018-10-09_at_11.52.46_AM.png to the right of the task description to dismiss the reminder. Once completed, the reminder will appear for a brief time with a strikethrough.



Edit Task

Click Edit to edit the details of a task. From the subsequent dialog box, a user can:

  • Change the due date
  • Add/remove users that are reminded of the task
  • Edit the description of the task 

When finished, click Set Follow-up to confirm the the change.


See All Follow-up Reminders

The Follow-up Reminder panel on the My Dashboard page will display a maximum of 5 un-dismissed reminders. Click See All from the Follow-up Reminder panel to see all un-dismissed reminders assigned to the user.


From the All Reminders page, the user can filter the list of reminders by:

  • Due
  • Upcoming
  • Dismissed

Additionally, click Bulk Dismiss and select many reminders to dismiss more than one reminder.