Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Candidates are not included in the calendar event created through the initial scheduling process.

Once an interview is scheduled, you can confirm the date and time with the candidate by sending an interview confirmation email.

Send an interview confirmation email

After an interview has been scheduled, you can send the interview confirmation by clicking the Send interview confirmation under the Interviews section in the Stages panel.

From the Availability dialog box, edit the email and fields if desired. By default, the email uses the template Candidate Interview Confirmation Message.

Note: If the scheduled interview includes a Zoom meeting link, be sure to paste the link into the body of the email.

Include calendar files

Calendar files allow candidates to add a scheduled interview to their personal calendars via a downloadable (.ics) file. By default, Greenhouse Recruiting includes the calendar files in the interview confirmation email. You can uncheck the box to remove the .ics calendar file. 

Note: If all of the scheduled interviews are back-to-back with no gaps in-between, one calendar file is attached with the start time of the first interview and the end time of the last one. If there are gaps, multiple files will be added, although Greenhouse will attempt to consolidate them wherever possible.

Once the interview confirmation email is sent, the calendar files are added as an attachment to the email.

Note: Calendar files are not linked to the scheduled interviews in Greenhouse, so if you make a change to the date or time of an interview, you'll need to manually send the candidate an updated calendar file.

What does the candidate see?

The way the file is displayed for the candidate varies with each mail/calendar client.

Typically, the candidate will need to download and/or add the .ics file(s) to their calendars.

The body of your email will also be displayed in the calendar files, so anything the candidate needs to know should be readily available to them.