Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Candidates are not included in the calendar event created through the initial scheduling process.

Once an interview is scheduled, you can confirm the date and time with the candidate by sending an interview confirmation email.

Send an interview confirmation email

Go to the candidate's profile and find their current stage, then click Send Interview Confirmation.


In the Availability window, select the appropriate Candidate Interview Confirmation email template and make any necessary changes to the body of the email. 

Note: If the scheduled interview includes a Zoom meeting link, be sure to paste the link into the body of the email.

Availability window showing the email the candidate will receive.png

To set a candidate interview reminder, check the box next to Send interview reminder 24 hours before the scheduled interview.

Candidate confirmation email pop up window with an orange box around the interview reminder checkbox.png

When you finish, click Send Email.