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Enabling the Infomart integration.

Harvest API

The Infomart integration leverages Greenhouse Harvest API services for sending backgroundscreening updates as “Notes” in a candidate’s Activity Feed. To create a Harvest API key for Infomart services, please follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Configure” gear icon on the top right.Screen_Shot_2018-08-27_at_3.53.16_PM.png
  2. Select “Dev Center” from the side menu on the left, and then select “API Credential
  3. Select “Create New API Key” to generate a new key for Infomart.Screen_Shot_2018-08-27_at_3.54.42_PM.png
  4. Open the Candidate dropdown, and select “POST: Add Note”.
  5. Select “Update” at the bottom of the view, then you have successfully created your API



The Infomart integration leverages the Greenhouse Webhooks service to initiate background
screening services upon a candidate being hired. To create a webhook for Infomart services,

  1. Click "Configure" gear icon on the top rightScreen_Shot_2018-08-27_at_3.58.42_PM.png
  2. Select “Dev Center” from the side menu on the left, and then select “Web Hooks”.Screen_Shot_2018-08-27_at_4.03.54_PM.png
  3. On the next view, select "Web Hooks" again.Screen_Shot_2018-08-27_at_4.04.53_PM.png
  4. Name the webhook whatever you like, for organization preferably a title indicative of
    Infomart services.
    1. Screen_Shot_2018-08-27_at_4.05.38_PM.png
  5. In the “When” column select “Candidate has been hired”Screen_Shot_2018-08-27_at_4.06.59_PM.png
  6. Under the “Export to” section enter
    “” for the
    “Endpoint URL”, Screen_Shot_2018-08-27_at_4.08.32_PM.pngenter your Infomart / Greenhouse secret for the “Secret key”, and an
    email of your choice for “Error recipient email”.
  7. Select “Advanced Settings”, under “Additional HTTP Headers” input your Infomart account number for “Username” and your account password for “Password” Screen_Shot_2018-08-27_at_4.15.38_PM.png
  8. Make sure that "Disabled" is set to "No"
    1. Screen_Shot_2018-08-27_at_4.16.31_PM.png
Click “Create Webhook” to initialize. You should see a popup dialogue appear on the top
of the screen indicating a successful ping to the Infomart endpoint.

Custom Fields

Infomart services require a “background package” and “employment type” to be specified for the job a candidate is applying for. As the standard Greenhouse job object doesn’t include this parameter, we will need to add a custom field. Follow these steps to ensure that any jobs you create for Infomart services include a “package” selection option:
  1. Click the “Configure” gear icon on the top right.Screen_Shot_2018-08-27_at_4.19.42_PM.png
  2. Select “Custom Options” from the side menu on the left
    1. Screen_Shot_2018-08-27_at_4.20.24_PM.png
  3. Select “Jobs” under “Company Custom Fields”
    1. Screen_Shot_2018-08-27_at_4.21.02_PM.png
  4. Click "Add Field"
  5. Within the model, set “Field” to “Background Screening Package”, enter a description of
    your choice under “Description”, and set “Type” to “Single select”. Under “Options” enter
    all available package options separated by a new line.
  6. When you are done, click "Save".