Reorganize and filter welcome experience pages

Permissions: Coordinator, Owner

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Once you've created multiple pages for your welcome experience, you're ready to assemble them into a presentation for your new hires!

Organize welcome experience pages

To manage and organize your new hire welcome experience pages, click Settings on your navigation bar and then click Pages on the left.

Screenshot of Pages button

If you have the Include Unpublished Pages box checked, all pages will populate in the provided list. Published articles will have a green dot in the upper right, whereas unpublished articles will have a red dot. Additionally, each page will display the Page Title and any rules applied to the page.


To rearrange your page, click and hold the page icon and drag to the desired position.

Screenshot of rearranging welcome experience pages

Please be aware that without any applied filters, you will be rearranging pages relative to your entire library of pages. Your expected welcome experience for different users can differ depending on the rules applied to pages.

Note: Pages without rules will surface for all welcome experiences.

Filter welcome experience pages by rules

Use the provided filter to view your pages based on certain rules: location, department, employment status, and others. You can set multiple parameters across and within each field. Pages matching the criteria you've selected will auto-populate in your management view.

Note: When filtering by rules, pages without rules won't populate in the list but will appear in the final welcome experience.

Screenshot of filter with rules to create new welcome experience page