Permissions: Owners and Coordinators

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Once you've created your organization's various welcome experience pages, you can organize these pages into one welcome experience presentation for your new hires.

In addition, you can use specific pages to generate customized welcome experiences for new hires across your organization, based on their department, location, employment status, and other criteria.

Organize welcome experience pages

From your Greenhouse Onboarding homepage, navigate to Settings.

On the Settings page, navigate to Welcome Experience Pages.

Pages highlighted in Greenhouse Onboarding Settings

Under Welcome Experience Pages, you'll see each of your organization's existing welcome experience pages listed. Each square displays the page title and any assigned page rules, if applicable.

Published pages display a green dot in the upper-left corner, while unpublished articles will have a red dot.

Note: Learn how to edit, assign rules, and publish welcome experience pages with our Welcome experience overview.

Welcome experience pages

To organize and rearrange your welcome experience pages for your default welcome experience, click and hold the page icon and drag to your desired position.

Rearranging welcome experience pages in Settings

Be aware that new hires will see default welcome experience pages and welcome experience pages with rules that match their location, department, employment status, or other criteria.

You'll need to filter welcome experience pages configured with rules in order to manage welcome experiences specific to new hires with different departments, locations, employment statuses, or other criteria.

Note: Pages without rules will surface for all welcome experiences.

Filter welcome experience pages by rules

Use the provided filter panel to manage welcome experience pages that have been assigned page rules. Welcome experience pages can have assigned rules based on a new hire's department, location, employment status, or other criteria.

You can make multiple filter selections across and within each field. Pages matching the criteria you've selected will auto-populate below.

Note: When filtering by rules, pages without rules won't display in the list but will appear in the final welcome experience. You can preview your welcome experiences based on these rules to ensure that each experience looks correct.

Welcome experiene page filters for rules

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