Product updates:

  • Report Builder gives your organization the flexibility it needs to customize reports so that you can easily find your data. Customize what you’re tracking, and organize the data across jobs, offices, departments, timeframe, and many other metrics. Report Builder will be released to Pro and Enterprise customers over the next few weeks.


  • You can now search for jobs by Opening ID on the All Jobs page, Reports, or when creating a new job from a copy of an existing one.


  • Coming soon! You’ll soon notice a design upgrade when configuring or editing interview kits and take home tests. As part of this redesign, Scorecard Focus Attributes will be moved to the top of the page to reflect structured hiring best practices -- you should figure out what skills to test before figuring out how to test them.


Integration updates:

  • Candidate Testing: Harver
  • Recruitment Optimization & Analytics: One Model

Assorted bug fixes, including:

  • Setting a candidate start date to 7/1/18 saved as year 18 instead of 2018. We’d love to claim that we were already helping companies hire when the Roman Empire was just getting started, but that’s probably a stretch.
  • When generating multiple offer documents for a candidate, they appeared in alphabetical order instead of your desired order. We just had to confirm that we still knew our ABCs, but we’ll default to your selections from here on out.