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Greenhouse Inclusion is an extension of our structured hiring philosophy. While there are many ways our core product helps companies make structured hiring decisions, we decided to build Inclusion because we wanted to do more to help companies scale and operationalize inclusive behavior in their hiring processes.

We've partnered with some amazing people to build Inclusion. One of these partners is Paradigm, a consulting company which works with clients to design diversity and inclusion strategies. They have a lot of practical knowledge from doing this on a 1:1 basis with clients, and we've taken that experience and infused it into our new tool. We've also assembled an academic advisory board with professors at universities from around the country who focus on these questions to help guide our solutions. Inclusion is rooted in the guidance from these sources and is designed based on this research.

Greenhouse Inclusion features

Greenhouse Inclusion features can only be managed by users with Site Admin level permissions. To see which Inclusion features are currently activated for your organization, select Configure icon from your navigation bar, then click Inclusion Tools on the left.

From the Inclusion page you can see the features that are activated for your organization. Features are organized into six sections: sourcing, application review, interviewing, candidate roundup, company initiative for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and custom demographic question sets.

Click Preview to the right of any feature to see how it will look to your users.

To activate or configure any of Greenhouse Inclusion's features from this page, toggle the feature On.

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