Which permissions does my HRIS platform integration developer need?

When you begin your HRIS platform integration, your Greenhouse Customer Success Manager will enable the Workday®️ Admin Center for your Greenhouse Recruiting instance.

Once this is complete, you must assign access to the Workday®️ Admin Center to your integration developer. In this article, we'll discuss how to create a new user account for an integration developer and assign them the necessary developer permissions for access.

Create a user account for an integration developer

To give a third-party or external HRIS platform developer access to configure integrations, you'll need to create a Basic level user account (or higher) for them with the following developer permissions:

  • *Can manage and configure web hooks
  • Can configure Workday®️ integrations

Note: *The permission 'Can manage and configure webhooks' is only needed if you'll be enabling a candidate export from Greenhouse Recruiting to Workday®️®️.  

Screenshot of can manage and configure webhooks and can configure Workday®️ integrations

Note: The developer permission 'Can manage ALL organization's API Credentials' should only be extended in the event that you're building an API-driven integration and would like the integration developer to create the Harvest API key for themselves. Harvest API keys can access all system data, so please make sure this permission is required for your integration before giving this permission to an integration developer. You can read more about how to create a Harvest API key in our Harvest API key permissions article.

External HRIS platform consultants

If your external HRIS platform consultant or integration developer will also be managing the integration testing, we recommend providing Job Admin access in Greenhouse Recruiting, in addition to the developer permissions above. You can provide additional access depending on which aspects of the integration they will be testing.

Check out the best practices below for managing your integration developer:

  • Assign them to at least one test job if they need to see how custom job fields look on a job. If they will also be testing hiring candidates, they'll need to be assigned to the job with a Job Admin level that has access to private fields.
  • Assign them the user-specific permission 'Can create new jobs and request job approvals' if they'll be testing importing jobs.
  • Assign them the user-specific permission 'Can manage custom fields' if they'll be adding and updating custom fields on your behalf.

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