Assign a developer permission to configure an HRIS integration

When you use an HRIS platform integration, the Greenhouse team will update your organization to give access to HRIS Link. 

To finish setting up your integration, you'll need to give access to your integration developers so they can make changes in Greenhouse. You can create a new user account for them, or update an existing one.

Create a user account

To give a third-party or external HRIS platform developer access to configure integrations, you need to create a Basic level user account or higher for your developer.

Tip: Learn how to create a user account in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Add developer permissions

Next, add the following developer permissions to your developer's user account, based on the type of integration you're building. Your developer may need more than one permission based on your needs:

  • Manage Job Board related API Credentials: If you're building an integration that requires an API-driven careers page.
  • Manage ALL organization's API Credentials: If you're building an integration using the Harvest API, or another one of Greenhouse's APIs to send and retrieve data in Greenhouse Recruiting.
  • Manage and configure web hooks: If you're building an integration to export data from Greenhouse Recruiting to other systems using webhooks.
  • Configure Workday®️ integrations: Add this permission if your developer is building a if dev is building a Workday®️ integration and your organization is in the Advanced or Expert subscription tiers. 

Note: The permission 'Can manage and configure webhooks' is only needed if you use a candidate export from Greenhouse Recruiting to Workday®️.

Developer specific permissions are shown in Greenhouse Recruiting, including can manage and configure webhooks and can configure Workday®️ integrations

Tip: Learn how to assign developer permissions in Greenhouse Recruiting.

If your external HRIS platform consultant or integration developer will also perform integration testing, we recommend providing them Job Admin access in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Optional permissions

There are a few optional permissions you can assign to ensure your HRIS integration developers, depending on the goal of the integration:

  • Assign them to at least one test job if they need to see how custom job fields look on a job. If they'll also be test-hiring candidates, they need to be assigned a Job Admin level that has access to private fields.
  • Assign them the user-specific permission 'Can create new jobs and request job approvals' if they need to test importing jobs.
  • Assign them the user-specific permission 'Can manage custom fields' if they need to test adding and updating custom fields.

Note: Greenhouse Recruiting is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Workday®️.