Permissions: Manager additional access

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

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Your organization uses Greenhouse Onboarding (GHO) to ensure every New Hire has a great onboarding process. As a manager, you play a critical role in your New Hires’ experience and there are many ways in Greenhouse Onboarding to connect and communicate with your incoming hires.

Upload a photo and write an About Me section

An exciting part of a New Hire’s onboarding process is their Welcome Experience.

In the Welcome Experience, they’ll get an introduction to the company and learn about various aspects of the organization. As a manager, you can upload your own profile picture and complete your About Me section to better connect to your new hire.

To upload a profile picture, navigate to your profile by clicking your initials in the top right corner and choosing Profile.

Screenshot of profile navigation

Click the Edit icon next to your initials. You'll be able to upload a photo from your computer to use as a profile picture.

Screenshot of edit profile picture button

To complete your About Me section, click Edit on the Info panel.

Screenshot of edit info button

Scroll down to the About section and enter some text to help your new hires. When you're finished, click Save.

Screenshot of about me section

Complete fields for your new hires

If your organization has created fields in Greenhouse Onboarding, you may be required to fill them out for your new hire.

If you need to complete any fields for your new hire, you'll receive an email from Greenhouse Onboarding before your new hire's start date.

Click the Fill out information button to quickly navigate to Greenhouse Onboarding.

Screenshot of fill out information email

Once you're in Greenhouse Onboarding, you can complete the fields as needed. When you're done, click Save.

Complete tasks for your new hire

Tasks ensure all of the moving parts of onboarding are completed on time. Any tasks for your incoming hires will display on your dashboard.

Screenshot of my tasks dashboard

When a task is assigned, due, or overdue, Greenhouse Onboarding will send you an automated reminder email with quick links to the task.

Screenshot of tasks email

For overdue tasks, you'll receive an email every day until the task is marked as complete.

View your new hire's profile

Any of your incoming hires will display on the My New Hires panel on your Dashboard. If there's any information missing from a new hire's profile, you can click Complete Missing Fields to quickly update their information.

Screenshot of new hires missing fields

Acting as a counter-signer on e-signature forms

Greenhouse Onboarding helps collect paperwork before a New Hire’s first day. As a New Hire’s Manager, you may be requested to countersign their paperwork. If you are a counter signer, Greenhouse Onboarding will send you an email prompting you for a signature once the New Hire has completed their section.

Click on Sign to be taken directly to the form for signature.

Screenshot of counter signature email

Click the Counter Signer Signature field to apply your signature to the document.

Screenshot of contract example

A full list of completed and pending documents where you are a counter signer are located on the Documents to Sign panel on your dashboard.

Screenshot of needs signing fields

Receive feedback from your new hire

Feedback allows your New Hires to candidly evaluate their onboarding experience, which provides your team with valuable, actionable insights about your onboarding process.

As a manager, you'll receive a notification when a new hire has completed their feedback questions.

You can also view a full list of past responses on the Feedback panel on your dashboard.

Screenshot of feedback on dashboard