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Your organization uses Greenhouse Onboarding (GHO) to ensure every New Hire has a great onboarding process. As a manager, you play a critical role in your New Hires’ experience. In this article, we’ve outlined six key areas in Greenhouse Onboarding that you should know about! 


Photo and About Me Section

An exciting part of a New Hire’s onboarding process is their Welcome Experience! In the Welcome Experience, they’ll get an introduction to the company and learn about various aspects of the organization. In GHO, you can upload a profile picture and fill out an “About Me” section so that your New Hire can get to know you better.


To upload a profile picture, navigate to your profile in Greenhouse Onboarding by clicking on the circle in the top-right hand corner and click on Profile from the drop-down menu.


From your profile page, navigate to the circle with your initials in it and click on the pencil icon. From there you will be able to upload a photo from your computer to use as your profile picture.


To add an “About Me” section, stay on the profile page and navigate to the Information panel. Click Edit.


Navigate down the Information panel and input your information under the About section. 


When you have finished, navigate back up the Information panel and click Save.


Fields for Your New Hires

If your company has created fields in Greenhouse Onboarding, you may be required to fill them out for your new hire. If so, you will receive a system-generated email that will ask you to fill out these fields before your New Hire’s start date. We’ve included an example of that email below!


Click Fill Out Information and complete the necessary fields in Greenhouse Onboarding.




Tasks ensure all of the moving parts of onboarding are completed on time. If you are responsible for any New Hire tasks, you’ll receive reminders via email. See below for an example:


To ensure visibility, you will be emailed task notifications the day the task is assigned to you, the day the task is due, and every day the task is overdue.

The email will outline which New Hire the task is for, when it is due, and any available notes or context about that task. If you are logged in to GHO, you can mark the task as complete right from the email!

You can also view your assigned tasks on your Home page by navigating to the My Tasks panel.



View Your New Hires

If you have New Hires in GHO, you can navigate to the My New Hires panel on your Home Page to learn more information about them including their profile, start date, and a link to complete any missing fields.



Counter Signer on E-Signature Forms

Greenhouse Onboarding helps collect paperwork before a New Hire’s first day. As a New Hire’s Manager, you may be requested to countersign their paperwork. If you are a counter signer, the system will send you an email prompting you for a signature once the New Hire has completed their section. 

Click on Sign to be taken directly to the form for signature.


Click on the Counter Signer Signature field to apply your signature to the document.


If you navigate down your Home page to the Documents to Sign header, you can see the list of completed and pending documents where you were designated as a counter signer.




Feedback allows your New Hires to candidly evaluate their onboarding experience, which, in turn, provides your team with valuable, actionable insights about your process. As a manager, your team can give provide insight into how a New Hire is responding to these questions. You will receive a notification once the questions have been answered.


You can also view Feedback responses on your Home page as well by navigating down to the Feedback panel.