Product updates: 

The Scorecard Summary on a candidate profile is a great way to see attribute ratings in aggregate. Now, you can also see ratings grouped by Interviewer or by Stage to help you review scorecard information and make faster decisions.



We’ve redesigned the Auto-tag Candidate experience and renamed it Application Rules. If you already had two auto-tags configured based on the same question/answer combination, they've been collapsed into one rule with both tags to keep things clean.



We often hear customers asking for more details about their approval chains, especially how long approvals take certain users. You can now ask your Customer Support Manager or click here to ask the Greenhouse Support team to email this report to you!

API updates:

  • We’ve added a new Harvest API endpoint that allows you to add education details to candidates

Integration updates:

Assorted bug fixes, including:

  • Some non-resume documents (like cover letters) suddenly only showed a blank page. We've chased after this runaway content and put it back where it belongs. 
  • If your organization has no Offices, you weren't able to select all jobs at once using the Candidates tab filter. 
  • Some agency recruiters weren't seeing current stages or scheduled interviews for their candidates. After confirming that these users are actually not mind-readers, we've agreed to put that info back.