The FlexJobs job feed application downloads job feed files (typically in XML format) from web and ftp sites, automatically parses jobs from the retrieved file, compares them to various filters to determine if the job meets our criteria for a 'flexible' job and, if so, places the job into a queue that is manually reviewed by our job researches before final posting to our website.  

In the case of Greenhouse, we request a job feed file using the Greenhouse Job Board API.  This API provides a JSON representation of all the jobs in your system for a specific company.  To isolate the specific company in your Job Board API, we need to know the Job Board API token assigned to each company that we interact with.  

To find your company’s job board token, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Configure in your Greenhouse dashboard
  2. Click on Job Board
  3. The board token will be located under URL


Using that token, we pull job data from a url in this format: (for example:

The url must include ?content=true at the end so that the data returned includes job description content.  Once the JSON data for that company has been retrieved, we internally convert that to an XML file and pass it through the process described above.