Greenhouse Software regularly releases new product features, updates, and improvements. You can stay up to date by following our release notes or checking out the latest feature releases page.

Greenhouse Recruiting

AI-powered email generator

All customers now have access to email generator, an AI-assisted content generation tool to help you quickly create effective email content that keeps candidates engaged and informed throughout the hiring process. Email generator is available to create and modify email templates. Read more here.

Resume anonymization

Expert-tier customers can now hide identifying candidate information on resumes during Application Review. This feature, part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) feature set, helps reduce unconscious bias in the hiring process. Learn more about resume anonymization in our article.

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Automated permissions management

Increase efficiency and reduce manual work by setting up rules that automatically assign the right permissions to the right people. Read more about automated permissions in our article.

HRIS Link for ADP Workforce Now

HRIS Link for ADP is available to purchase for all Greenhouse Recruiting customers. This new connector is a partial platform integration that allows customers to import users and export new hires. This integration syncs critical HRIS data and workflows with easy setup and maintenance. Contact Greenhouse Customer Success for more information.

LinkedIn Apply Connect

The Greenhouse Recruiting integration with LinkedIn Apply Connect is available. The LinkedIn Apply Connect integration provides a fast and seamless experience for Greenhouse customers posting jobs to LinkedIn. Read more here. 

Note: Easy Apply is now part of the Apply Connect integration and will be deprecated by July 15, 2024. To continue using Easy Apply, organizations will need to enable LinkedIn Apply Connect in Greenhouse Recruiting.

New candidate profile enhancements

We've made the following updates to the new candidate profile:

  • Added more features to the All Stages view so users can get a holistic view of the candidate's full interview plan on one page.
  • Fixed issue where candidate availability couldn't be resent if it was already received.
  • Fixed an issue where the candidate availability requests weren't showing updated time zones.
  • Updated the Application Review and Hiring Manager review fields to show the bell icon when a user hasn't completed an assigned scorecard.
  • Updated Application Review to display any completed or pending reviews like a scheduled interview.  
  • Fixed issue where text in the side panel couldn't be copied using the right-click.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't filter by offices when requesting a candidate's availability.
  • Fixed an issue where rejection emails couldn't be sent if an external user was cc'd on the message.
  • Fixed an issue where users couldn't cc other users on outgoing emails.
  • Fixed an issue where some interviewers weren't being included as an option when scheduling Zoom emails on behalf of another user through an integrated Google calendar.  
  • Fixed an issue where answers to private custom fields could be accessed by Job Admins without the right permissions.
  • Fixed an issue where a Job Admins with the correct permissions couldn't add a rejected candidate as a prospect.
  • When adding a prospect, the office will not be automatically populated.
  • Updated the Application Details to include all responses from both active and inactive forms, addressing cases where a form is deleted and replaced with a new version. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain date fields had to be selected from the calendar and couldn't be typed in.
  • Fixed an issue where users couldn't download documents in the Adobe Acrobat Sign window.

Note: The new candidate profile is currently being rolled out to all customers, so the new experience may not yet be available for your organization. Read more about the new candidate profile.

Greenhouse Sourcing Automation enhancements

We made the following updates to the Greenhouse Sourcing Automation product: 

  • The "Owner" filter will be automatically automatically set to the current user.
  • Users can now copy a full campaign from within a campaign.
  • The Preview step button is now available directly on the page, instead of hidden in a menu.
  • Clicking the prospect name in the side panel takes you to their prospect profile, rather than just being text-only.
  • Private prospect information will be hidden from Job Admins who only have permission to manage unattached prospects.

Other changes

In addition to the changes outlined here, Greenhouse has released several smaller, but impactful changes across our product:

  • Email tokens can now be used in bulk email and bulk rejection emails.
  • Interview reminders will now remember your last setting, allowing you to select the checkbox once and have it selected by default for future jobs.
  • Custom sourcing strategies can be added.
  • Agency recruiters will be notified of potentially duplicate submissions if they submit a candidate whose email address matches a candidate or prospect in your system.
  • The agency configuration page now has a link to download a .csv containing the full list of jobs and submissions for audit purposes.
  • Updated GPDR legal basis wording from "legitimate interest" to "legitimate interest or contract."
  • Updated Harvest API to include deactivated users in requests from Jobs endpoints.


  • Other integrations: is an IPaaS platform specializing in building embedded integrations with numerous SaaS Apps. 
  • Optimization: Blue Saturn’s plug-in integrates directly with Greenhouse Recruiting and offers comprehensive analysis for 1000s of applicants in seconds.
  • Optimization: Talent Llama’s integration with Greenhouse Recruiting allows hiring teams to automatically import and invite candidates to take conversational screening interviews from any stage in the Greenhouse candidate pipeline.
  • Reference check: Jointl allows Greenhouse users to create and integrate custom pre-screening questionnaires, skills assessments, references, and background checks into any stage of their hiring process.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue preventing self-service requests from being sent through stage transition rules.
  • Fixed an issue where transferring a candidate between jobs was resetting their email preferences. 
  • Fixed an issue where emails were not being matched correctly in quick select windows if the pasted text was formatted using capital letters.
  • Fixed issue where organizations with a large number of job posts saw significant lag when trying to create or update a custom field.
  • Fixed an issue where custom questions weren't appearing from the Indeed integration.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a rejection reason from an organization-wide sourcing role was causing an error.
  • Fixed an issue where approval information could be seen by Job Admins without the correct permissions.
  • Fixed an issue where private field options were displayed when creating a new opening.
  • Fixed an issue where the sandbox sync wrapper was not displaying on the new candidate profile.
  • Fixed an issue where candidates encountered an error when providing consent to for GDPR.
  • Fixed an issue where the Job Name / Requisition filter wasn't working creating jobs through the Workday integration.
  • Fixed occasional issues when trying to update a user's email through the Harvest API.
  • Fixed an issue where the Business Intelligence Connector used default data for the survey_builder_surveys table if the organization hadn't customizable candidate surveys.
  • Fixed the following issues in Greenhouse Onboarding:
    • Custom field values weren't displaying correctly on the employee's profile.
    • Welcome Emails were still being sent an employee's personal email when they had a work email on file.
    • The signature request status wasn't updated when the counter signer was reassigned.
    • Added guardrails to e-signature templates to not allow more than 200 custom fields or custom field names longer than 250 characters.
    • Updated error message in Greenhouse Onboarding to be more helpful when trying to upload a video URL that is currently set to private.
    • Rehired employees showed an error if their emails were typed with a capital or lowercase letter that didn't exactly match their existing email.