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A high volume of applications can put stress on even very structured and efficient hiring processes. Application limit rules help you limit the amount of repeat applications your job posts get, so your team can focus on reviewing applications from qualified and interested candidates.

Video walkthrough

Create a new application limit rule

Before getting started, turn on auto-merge if it's not already on for your organization. To enable auto-merge, click the Configure image-0.png > on your navigation bar and then click Organization on the left. From the Organization page, toggle the button next to Auto-Merge Candidates to ON.

To add a new rule, click Configure image-0.png > Job Boards & Posts.

app limits_configure button.jpg

Click Create rule.

app limits_create rule.jpg

First, give a descriptive name to your new rule.

Choose which department or departments the rule will apply to. The rule will limit repeat applications for all jobs within those departments.

There are two ways you can restrict applications: Limiting by frequency, and preventing rejected candidates from reapplying to jobs they've already been rejected from.

To restrict by frequency, check the box labeled Restrict applications over a period of time, enter the number of applications a candidate can submit, and then enter the number of days they have to submit those applications.

Within the same rule, you can also prevent rejected candidates from reapplying to jobs they have already been rejected from. Specify the number of days that must pass before a rejected candidate can submit another application.

To send a rejection email to rejected candidates, check the box labeled Send a rejection email to affected candidates. Then, choose the email template you want to use and set the timing for when the email should be sent.

Delete a rule

Find the rule you'd like to delete on the Application limit rules page and click on the rule's name. Then, navigate to the bottom of the page and click Delete rule.

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Rule conflict resolution

In cases where two rules seem like they may apply to a job and conflict, Greenhouse Recruiting will choose the most granular rule.

Example: If you have a rule that applies to the Sales department and a rule that applies to Sales Operations, which is a sub-department of Sales, Greenhouse Recruiting will choose the rule that applies to Sales Operations.

Cases where application limit rules won't apply

Applications added to Greenhouse Recruiting through any of these methods won't be affected by application limit rules: