Greenhouse Software regularly releases new product features, updates, and improvements. You can stay up to date by following our release notes.

Schedule update

Starting in April 2024, Greenhouse release notes will move to a monthly schedule to wrap up all the product updates, partner listings, and other fixes into a single notification. Stay up-to-date with these updates by following our release notes.

Greenhouse Recruiting

Create engage campaigns with Greenhouse

Start reaching out to potential candidates faster by building the first draft of a campaign with Greenhouse.


Greenhouse Onboarding

New employee import

Greenhouse Onboarding's new employee import tool lets you streamline your setup by uploading a list of employee details to quickly add their information to your organization. Read more here.

Bug fixes

  • The list of French country regions in Greenhouse Onboarding was missing some options.
  • If an agency recruiter updated their name in the agency portal, the new information wasn't displaying correctly in the Activity Feed.
  • Fixed increased timeouts when calling the demographic_answers table in the API.