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Greenhouse Recruiting

Configurable candidate survey

Your organization can now add, remove, or modify questions on the candidate survey to add more customization to your candidate experience. Learn more.


  • Candidate sourcing: Huntly allows companies to effortlessly post jobs and use a global network of recruiters to source top candidates to fill those positions. 
  • Candidate sourcing: SkillKeepr connects your Greenhouse account to the SkillKeepr AI-driven platform to make hiring tech talent easier, saving time and money in the long run.
  • Free job posts: Blind organic job posts allow you to post free job advertisements on Blind's job boards directly from Greenhouse Recruiting. 
  • Free job posts: JobGet’s integration with Greenhouse Recruiting allows your jobs to be matched with the fastest-growing app-first job-seeker community.
  • Candidate testing: Reqrout uses gamification to increase applicant engagement, decrease application churn, and improve the quality of the shortlisted candidates.

Bug fixes

  • Made the webhook error message a little more user-friendly when you try to create a new webhook with an invalid endpoint URL.
  • Background color highlights weren't saving when you added them in text editors.
  • Updating the order of options in the "Employment Type" custom field on a job was updating any Employment Type field on the offer, and vice versa. 
  • Selections on the "copy interview stage" window weren't being cleared when the window was closed.
  • Benchmarking data wasn't displaying correctly on the Candidate Survey report.