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Greenhouse Recruiting’s candidate survey lets you customize your questions so you can collect the feedback you want from your candidates.

Below are some sample survey questions you can use to customize your survey. Questions are organized by the topic they’re designed to assess. 

Reputation of your organization

  • [Organization name] seems like a good place to work.
  • I had heard about [organization name] before I applied.
  • The reputation of [organization name] is part of why I decided to apply.

Information about your organization

  • The recruiter knew a lot about the company. 
  • The interview process gave me clear expectations about the work environment at [organization name].
  • I was given all the information I needed about [organization name].
  • The careers page on the [organization name] website was helpful.

Information about the job

  • The interview process gave me a better sense of the job.
  • The recruiter described the job clearly to me.
  • The description of the job was easy to understand.
  • I think the total compensation package is competitive.

Information about the recruiting / interviewing process

  • I knew what to expect at each stage of the interview process.
  • The communication I received during the interview process was clear and relevant.
  • The recruiter explained what to expect.
  • The interviewers set aside time for my questions.

Company and team culture

  • The interview process gave me a clear idea of the culture at [organization name].
  • The interview process at [organization name] matched the culture described on the company website.
  • I could see myself belonging at [organization name].
  • My interviewers gave me a good sense of the culture of the teams they work on.

Candidate has a chance to do their best

  • The interview process let me show my skills.
  • During my interviews, I had enough time to answer questions and solve problems.
  • The format of the interviews allowed me to do my best.
  • I was given the information I needed to prepare for the interview. 

The interview process is fair

  • The interview questions were relevant to the job.
  • The take-home assignment was a fair way to measure my skills.
  • The amount of time that the assignment took was reasonable.
  • My interviewers were knowledgeable about the job.

Timing and responsiveness

  • I feel like [organization name] respected my time.
  • I heard back from the recruiter in a reasonable amount of time.
  • The time between each stage of the interview process was reasonable.
  • The recruiter kept me in the loop throughout the interview process.

How candidates are treated

  • I felt comfortable asking questions throughout the interview process.
  • The recruiter was professional.
  • The interviewers were prepared. 
  • I was treated with respect during my interviews.

Candidate intends to apply again or to refer friends

  • I'd refer a friend to [organization name].
  • Based on my interview experience at [organization name], I'd suggest a friend should apply too.
  • If I don't get this job at [organization name], I'd apply again in the future. 
  • My opinion of [organization name] is even better than before I applied.

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