Permissions: Site Admin who can edit another user's advanced permissions

Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

Job Admin levels are defined sets of permissions that are granted to Job Admin users on a per-job basis. Greenhouse Recruiting provides all organizations with two default Job Admin levels:

  • Job Admin: Standard
  • Job Admin: Private

To learn more about the Job Admin: Standard and Job Admin: Private levels, click here

In addition to these default Job Admin levels, organizations with an Advanced or Expert subscription can create and manage custom Job Admin levels (Job Admin: Custom). Custom Job Admin levels allow you to define levels of visibility and access to manage your organization's own unique recruiting process. Once you have created custom Job Admin levels, you can assign these levels to Job Admin / Interviewer users when adding those users to jobs in Greenhouse Recruiting. 

To start, go to the Permissions Policies page. (Configure icon Configure.png > Permission Policies)


Find the All Job Admins section, then click the See and manage Job Admin levels link. 


The Manage Job Admin Levels page outlines the Job Admin levels already available for your organization's Greenhouse Recruiting account, and the permission stripes assigned to each Job Admin level. On this page, you can add or remove permission stripes from each existing Job Admin level (including the default Job Admin levels), remove a Job Admin level entirely, or create a new Job Admin: Custom level.

To create a new Job Admin: Custom level, click Add Job Admin Level at the top right of the page. 


A new column will appear to the right of your list of existing Job Admin levels. Give your new Job Admin: Custom level a name, then click Create


Check the boxes inline with the permission stripes you wish to grant to the new Job Admin: Custom level. For more information about the implications of each permission stripe, click here.

Once you have configured the Job Admin: Custom level with the appropriate permissions, you can assign the new Job Admin level to Job Admin / Interviewer users on a per-job basis. To learn more about assigning a Job Admin level to users, click here.

Note: In addition to the permission stripes you grant to a Job Admin: Custom level, all users assigned to that Job Admin level will inherit the following built-in Job Admin permissions:

  • Can see the job's Dashboard, pipeline, and reports
  • Can see all candidates on the job
  • Can add and edit candidates and referrals
  • Can be assigned Hiring Team roles