Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Who Gets Credit is a way some users refer to the name of the person who referred the candidate for the position. By default, every user in your Greenhouse Recruiting account can be selected as a referrer for candidates. 

You can update the field by changing the referrer on the Candidate tab of the candidate's profile, under the Source and responsibility section.

Tip: You can see all referrers in the Candidate Quality by Referrer report.

Update a referrer

Any employee who submits a referral is automatically as the candidate's referrer.

You can also manually choose a referrer when creating a tracking link or adding a candidate manually.

To change the employee listed in a candidate's referrer, edit the candidate's sourcing details.

Tip: If you need to assign credit to a unique referrer other than a user, you can create a custom referrer.

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