Candidate quality by referrer report

Permissions: Job Admin or above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

The Candidate Quality by Referrer report takes your organization's referral culture a step further by considering the caliber of each referrer's submitted candidates, rather than the volume. The report assigns a Quality % to each referrer who has submitted candidates. This percentage can be used to identify which referrers provide the highest quality candidates. 

Note: The Referrer metric in this report is pulled from the Who Gets Credit field on each candidate, so there may be sources listed which are not strictly referrers. 

The Quality % is computed by looking at the average distance a candidate travels through the pipeline. If every candidate was hired, the Quality % be 100%. If every candidate was rejected in the first stage, it would be 0%. 

Example: Candidate Jane is referred by one of your employees. She has a pretty strong background, so she makes it through 5 of your 7 stages. If she was the only person referred by that employee, your Quality % for that row would be 5/7, or roughly 71%.

Generate the report

The Candidate Quality by Referrer Report is located on the Reports page. (Reports > Essential Reports > Learn from Past Recruiting Efforts > Referrer link in the Candidate Quality section) 


The Candidate Quality by Referrer report will display Referrers on jobs where you have the appropriate access.


Report Filters 

The Candidate Quality by Referrer report can be filtered by Stage or Milestone, Jobs, Date Applied, and Source. You can also click the blue numbers in each cell to see the candidates associated with each field. To learn more about filtering by Milestones, click here


Note: By default, the Date Applied filter for the report is set to Current Year.