I use AngelList. What does the integration look like? How do I enable it?

With AngelList's new integration, companies that opt-in can allow matched candidates to stream from AngelList directly into Greenhouse!

To enable the integration, simply connect on the bottom of your Job Settings page in AngelList. You will be prompted to authorize and enable automated exports, then any candidate who matches with your company will automatically be filtered into Greenhouse as a prospect.

To be a match, the candidate must press the Apply button on your company's profile, and you (or someone else who administers your AngelList account) must also express interest in the candidate. This process can begin when either your or the candidate reaches out, but both sides must express interest before Greenhouse will receive the prospect. Additionally, there's around 10-15 minute delay from when the candidate will show up in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Please Note: These prospects will not be attached to any job, so a Site Admin will then need to manually review each one and assign them to a particular job within Greenhouse.

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