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I use AngelList. What does the integration look like? How do I enable it?

To learn more about our ATS integrations, please see How do ATS integrations work? Follow these steps to connect Greenhouse:

Select ATS

Go to the ATS Integrations page at Select Greenhouse as your ATS.

Connect Greenhouse

Follow the instructions to generate an API key and paste it into the text box. Click the Connect to Greenhouse button.

Choose sync type

Select a sync type from the options listed. Note that candidate sync (applicants and matches) is a Premium Jobs feature.

Once you've selected a sync type, we'll automatically pull in your public job postings from Greenhouse.

Import jobs

The Import Jobs section will list the jobs we found in Greenhouse. For each job, select a mapping option using the dropdown in the upper right corner. If this is a new job, choose Import as new job. If you already posted this job in AngelList, choose it from the options under Map to existing job. This will prevent us from creating duplicate jobs.

We highly encourage you to add salary and equity information here to increase inbound quality, as candidates often add compensation filters to their job searches. 

Click the Import Jobs button once you're finished.


You can view your newly imported jobs at Synced jobs will have a green sync icon next to the job title.

Note: If you have Jobs Only Sync 

If you have the Jobs Only Sync, all of your live job posts in Greenhouse will automatically sync to AngelList. Any candidates that apply on AngelList will be visible in your AngelList account and you will have to go into your AngelList account to manually add those candidates to Greenhouse via “Add a Candidate” or Maildrop.


Optional: Upgrade jobs to Premium

If you selected Jobs and matches only or Jobs, matches and applicants as your sync type, you'll need to upgrade your jobs to Premium in order for candidates to be sent to Greenhouse.

In addition, if you left out salary data from any of your imported jobs, these jobs will not be included in search unless they are upgraded to Premium.