How do I Bulk Download and Print Resumes?

It's here, it's here! One of the most frequently-requested features of the past 6 months has been the ability to quickly compile multiple candidate resumes into one PDF, and now you can do just that! Whether you're evaluating candidates in a large group or need to do some app review mid-flight, it's now a breeze to access resumes whenever you need them!

To begin, head to the Candidates tab and press Bulk Actions.

Click Select All (or click the candidates you want), then choose Edit Selected. You can only bulk print 30 resumes at a time, so you may need to go through these steps a few times to get all the resumes you want.

Under Action, you'll see Get Resumes, which will combine all of the resumes into a neat document that will be emailed to you!

The email may take a couple minutes to process if you're dealing with a large number of resumes, but rest assured it's on the way! Candidates without resumes will be listed in the body of your email for reference, but all the rest will be neatly fused into one PDF that can be emailed, printed, or loaded up on a device for reviewing on the go!

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    Janice Washington

    Murphy, where do you see "action" on the screen??

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    Karen Situ

    Hi Janice,

    Thanks for reaching out! When trying to retrieve these resumes in bulk, you'll need to go to the Candidates tab as instructed above. From there, you would click on Bulk Actions > Select Candidates > Edit Selected > Action: Get Resumes.

    If you are unable to view the Action on the screen - please email us at with more information and we can assist further.

    Hope that helps!

    All the best,

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    Daniel Doody

    So I have tried this several times and when I "Get Resumes" in order for them to be sent in email - it simply sends me a blank PDF. The email contains links to the individual candidates but the PDF itself is blank. Is there an issue with the functionality?

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